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If i could change at least one persons mind about pit bulls, then that’s awesome. But if i could change the population of the world that doesn’t like them because of what the media portrays them to be then that would be amazing! But i know that it most likely wont happen. It really bothers me when people think they know the breed without even being around one, they just go by what the media says. And of course the media is wrong if they say that pits are vicious by nature and stuff leading around that. I’m someone that likes to prove people wrong, and show them what they think they know is wrong. I will fight for what i believe in and argue with people about it, i’m not afraid to do that, i am not afraid to fight for whats right. And i will fight for the pit bulls for the rest of my life. After the passing of my family’s beloved Siberian Husky, Chimo, we got another husky puppy and her name is Sadie. She is a red husky (not very popular) 4 months old, and she is full of energy! Even though my family have owned and still do own the husky breed, i will always have a special spot in my heart for pit bulls. But also Huskies and Pit bulls are the most surrendered dog in animal rescues and shelters, i don’t like that. So please, if you are looking for a pit bull or siberian husky, go to a shelter or rescue. You will most likely find one there.


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