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In march of this year a pit bull named Gladys found a newborn baby bunny outside their family home. The pit bull Gladys led her owners to the baby bunny, Gladys was nudging it with her nose, and when the mom Heather arrived home she asked Gladys where the bunny had come from, Gladys then led her over to three more newborn baby bunnies.  There was no mother rabbit around, so Heather decided to call the local wildlife rescuer. When the wildlife rescuer took the bunnies away, Gladys went back outside and laid down where the baby bunnies nest was, she seemed very sad for the nest few hours.  The wildlife rescuer called Heather to tell her 2 of the bunnies died but the other 2 survived and asked if he could bring the bunnies back to Gladys, and Gladys was so excited to see the newborn baby bunnies return. She was so happy to see how well the bunnies were doing. The day of the bunnies rescue there was a huge snowstorm and without Gladys, the bunnies would have died.  All thanks to Gladys the pit bull for her loving and gentle touch that the baby bunnies were saved and sent back into the wild. Its these stories that make me happy, it shows that pit bulls aren’t these vicious dogs everybody thinks they are. So many people only look at the bad things that pit bulls have done, and never at the good things like this story. There are so many heroic pit bulls out there like Gladys that have done so many amazing things, and any pit bull can be a hero. Its in their nature to be a sweet, loving, gentle, and friendly dog.

Gladys laying in the bunnies nest.

Gladys looking over the bunnies.

Gladys back with her rescue.


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Back in 2007, 5 pit bulls attack hikers in lake Havasu. A hiker was walking her her dog, the 5 dogs were unleashed and walking with their owners, spotted the victims dog and went after it.  “It was a loose group of pit bulls; I wouldn’t call it a pack. It was a group of dogs their owners were walking unleashed just to the northwest when they got away,” Sargent Joe Harrold  said.  The owner of the dog being attacked was injured while she was trying to break it up. What caught my eye about this story is the animal control officer who came to this attack. He said “the attack is not unusual, especially for dogs of this type” and “Some dogs are more naturally aggressive, and they will attack a smaller dog if they are not under control” this didn’t completely shock me but it does at the same time because this is an animal control officer who is supposed to be educated with animals. obviously he isn’t, if he is saying that pit bulls are naturally aggressive and its usual for this breed to attack. The dogs clearly were not socialized with other dogs because that would be the only way they would attack. Its not that i don’t have sympathy for the owner of the dog that was being attacked, i just have a lot more sympathy for the pit bulls, i have a passion for them and will fight for them and their rights. Save The Breed!

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This story really made me upset, and of course the media is presenting this story as a monster dog that’s out of control. I see people on twitter commenting about this story, saying that pit bulls and babies don’t mix. I couldn’t help but respond to these ignorant people. Clearly this dog had no training, or was poorly bred, (the parents passing down a genetic defect to the dog) or lack of socialization. And again, a pit bull isn’t born mean or vicious it all depends on socialization, how they’re bred, or how their raised, and they are absolutely no different than any other dog. I now hear people saying that you should be weary with a pit bull around a toddler, they don’t go out of their way to bite a toddler, they are great with kids and families! Pit bulls do not just “snap” either. People act like their this mutant dog that is different than any other breed, how untrue is that! These are the kinds of stories that are making the pit bulls go extinct.  Save the breed!

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I watched the Animal Planet special on gang dogs, it went into the secret world of different gangs and how dog fighting is a sport in their lives. Most gang members own a pit bull and fight it with a different gang member’s dog to prove which member’s dog is stronger.  Its a status symbol to own a pit bull in these areas and in gangs, and to fight them. I found this program interesting, it really got into the depth of dog fighting and the people who do it. Dog fighting has been increasing over the years, in Ohio, Chicago, and California, where different gangs are located. In mostly everyone’s yard in the gang streets you will see a pit bull in almost every persons yard, using them as savage guard dogs. A lot of the footage used in this program was very disturbing, showing clips from actual dog fights. This is a good example of irresponsible owners, however close to the end of the program they were showing how some people started a class to teach gang members, or just regular people how to bring up a pit bulls responsibly, which i think is great.

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