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From a cute little boy to Tania Torres:

For those of you who don’t know, Tania Torres is the daughter of the owner (Tia Maria Torres) of the largest pit bull rescue center in America, Villalobos Rescue Center, it is home to over 200 hundred pit bulls who need homes! Watch their show “Pit bulls And Parolees” on Animal Planet!


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“Ear cropping is strictly cosmetic, there is no medical benefit, it is only done to change the look of the patient”.

Vet in B.C wants to pursue in creating a ban on ear cropping. The ban was already placed in Manitoba this month saying the procedure was painful and unnecessary, and a distress to dogs.  If the committee is recommending banning the procedure, the next step is to mail-in bylaw vote. With enough votes they will go on with the banning of ear cropping.

Ear cropping is unnecessary and isn’t in any way beneficial to the dog. Do I agree with the ban that could possibly be placed? Well I think if you have a dog and crop their ears just for a certain look then that’s when it is unnecessary, however I understand if it is for show because the cropped ears are necessary (correct me if I am wrong) I guess we will have to wait and see what B.C decides and the votes.

*See blog post on Feb 10, 2012 for more about ear cropping!

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When looking for a pit bull there are things you need to look into before you bring the new family member home. Adoption is a great thing to do when your looking for that special companion, and giving them a new forever home however, some people are really set on that beautiful pure bred pit bull that they might not be able to find in a shelter. I do 100% believe in adopting, every animal I have owned I have adopted except for Sadie, we splurged on her. But this is to help those who want to purchase from a breeder.

1st: Look for a highly recommended or a breeder that has had experience with raising and breeding pit bulls. This is important because pit bulls have become poorly bred dogs so you don’t want to but from a breeder who has bred poorly bred dogs.

2nd: When you have found a breeder, start off by asking the breeder questions like “what is in the bloodline?” “do the parents or any of the dogs in the bloodline have a history of being aggressive?” “are these puppies showing any signs of aggression of any kind?” Any of these questions or any question around that are great to ask! Don’t forget to ask about the bloodline, that’s very important because you DO NOT want a poorly bred dog. What I mean by that is some people are careless when breeding pit bulls and don’t look out for that genetic defect that was passed down by their parents or grandparents.

3rd: Ask to see the parents! You want to see how the parents are around you and how they act. If they show any signs of aggressive or territorial behavior then I would find another breeder. You want to make sure the parents are well trained and behaved because they are passing down traits to their puppies. Also, make sure you know that the parents are good with other dogs because you don’t want to have that one dog that is a fear to all other dogs at the dog park.

Following these simple steps will help you finding that well behaved pit bull you love and want!


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Feb 20, 2012. West Kelowna.

2 pit bulls escaped their owners yard, and according to a witness when the two dogs escaped they grabbed a Shih Tzu off its front porch, dragged it home and killed it. The remains of the dog were left in the neighbors yard. The owner of the two pits has agreed to surrender them to the authorities, and the neighbors have claimed that there have been no previous problems with the two dogs.

I watched the video of the story and they labeled these two dogs as “aggressive” dogs, yes they killed another dog but that does not make them aggressive dogs. I know that may sound silly but its true. These dogs had no bad history or a previous history with the little dog they killed, this incident was an accident and they should not be labeled aggressive. Instinct also plays a crucial role in this (see post January 7, 2012 for more about instinct in dogs) a small dog was left out on the porch and obviously these two pits were bored that’s why they escaped, but they spotted the dog and it was probably just instinct that made them kill the dog, they looked at it as prey. And also, what was this little shih tzu doing unattended in the front porch?! Why would you leave a small dog that could potentially look like prey alone? I would say that its partially the owner of the shih tzu’s fault that it was killed. Two pit bulls are once again being tagged as aggressive for one incident that has so many more parts to it then two dogs that killed another. And the authorative figures should look more into it before deciding any drastic measures.

Officer standing near a yellow tarp where the Shih Tzu’s remains are covered.

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So before the weekend I was walking my dog Sadie around our neighborhood and just as I was coming back I heard this ticking noise on the pavement and Sadie looked back I noticed because the leashed tugged and I then I looked back and noticed the dog, Dawson, down the street was charging at us with its teeth bared. He grabbed Sadie and swung her around full force, and took her off the ground with its teeth and started shaking her very hard. He was full on attacking my dog and I went into shock, I didn’t know what to do at all all I could do was scream at the top of my lungs and hope that someone would come out to help. Sadie was trying to fight back, but mind you she is still a 9 month old puppy and a lot smaller than Dawson. Dawson finally backed off and my neighbors came out and so did Dawson’s owners. They said that Dawson “plays” too aggressively. Yeah right, that was NOT playing. Dawson is this beautiful Malamute that got along great with Chimo, before Chimo died. But Sadie is the 3rd dog Dawson has attacked now. Luckily, Sadie wasn’t hurt too bad, she was in shock just as much as I was and her back paw nail was bleeding, but I’m I think that was just from the pavement. I don’t believe in hitting an animal but if i wasn’t so in shock I would have kicked or hit Dawson so hard.

Dawson is always chained up, never walked, and not properly socialized. This has nothing to do with breed, but how he is raised. I do not blame Dawson, I blame his stupid owners. Since Sadie is the 3rd dog Dawson has attacked, the local animal shelter (L.A.P.S) will be contacted because I don’t want to see another dog attacked by him. I wanted to share this story because It is so important that you train and raise your dogs properly! I can’t stress this enough. This is a perfect example of  good dog raised poorly. So please train and raise your dogs properly and don’t neglect their needs.

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