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On April 30, 2011 Android released a new game application called “Dog Wars”. This is a game where you feed and train your dog and fight them. This is a dog fighting game which lets you enter a ring and go through training to fight them against other virtual dogs, for fake money. They even supplied steroid shots to give the dogs. This game was created by Kage Games LLC. And Android who is owned by Google, added this game to the market.

People playing the game can choose what to feed their dog, it goes anywhere from regular dog food to raw meat. They offer training supplies like steroid shots, shock collars, ropes and even guns. There are training games like tug of war and dragging a large tire to build strength, and after they have trained their dog they can then fight them against other players. 

Dog Wars was thankfully taken off the market and is no longer available. This game is disturbing and cruel! Apparently to Kage Games LLC, dog fighting is funny and is insinuating that pit bulls are inherently aggressive. Dog fighting is inhumane and immoral, it kills and injures dogs and pit bulls suffer many inhumane techniques just to prepare the dogs to fight. Illegal drugs are often used to give the dogs to reduce pain and to enhance muscle on the dogs. Other dogs suffer like “bait dogs” that are used to train and used for bait, even puppies, cats, and kittens are used. Most dogs are killed after and the rest who win a fight are praised. 


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Fritz, a 25 year old man gets a late night wake up call from his pit bull Jessie. Fritz had a recent surgery of having a piece of bone removed from his right elbow, and the doctor told him he may have a little bleeding and keep an eye on it. After his surgery Fritz went home to sleep and during the night Jessie began whining, tugging, and pulling his left sleeve and nosing his arm. Fritz woke up and could feel the warmth from the blood on his arm and the large bandage around his arm was soaked in blood. Fritz then had his girlfriend take him to the hospital and the doctors quickly cut the bandage off to see what was happening. The emergency room physician discovered that a artery had been nicked during the surgery. After returning from the emergency room Jessie didn’t leave Fritz’s side for 3 days. Today, Fritz thinks if Jessie didn’t wake him up he would have bled to death. 

I’m not sure when this incident took place but I had to write about it, Pit bulls are heroic dogs that they should be praised a lot more because they deserve it. I give so much respect to Jessie, her instinct was incredible and could have saved a life. More Pit bulls should be recognized for the good they do (like other dogs) and not the bad things which rarely happen. Great job Jessie!

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I’s heard so many ridiculous things people think about pit bulls but none as ridiculous as this…

One person tried telling me that it was proven that pit bulls are attracted to the smell of blood. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” was my reply. In what world are dogs attracted to the smell of blood? It is absolutely not proven and definitely not true. Pit bulls are not some crazy out of control monster of a dog that comes running when they smell blood. If stuff like that is going around then what else is? That is now added to the long list of myths about them, I just can’t believe someone would be stupid enough to actually believe that. Pit bulls are like any other dog, and its not possible for a dog to have a “trait” like that, its impossible. 

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Malden City Council has decided that a meeting will be held to discuss that every pit bull in the city should wear a muzzle out in public. This effort is followed by an attack last year that was on a 10 year old boy by a male pit bull that has escaped from the yard. That same dog previously had bitten another child 3 months before the attack on the 10 year old. The pit bull was euthanized. The city of Lynn requires pit bulls to wear muzzles and they also have separate registration requirements.

Well, another unfair law that’s come to another city. Fear and ignorance is part of the problem and biased media is another part. They think pit bulls are scary? What I find scary is irresponsible owners are allowed to own these dogs. I’m guessing the pit bull that they are basing this new law around was uneuterd and was obviously raised by somebody careless. Why should one breed suffer because of the owners? 

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