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In the Vancouver Sun there was an article written titled “Certain dogs and owners combine for violence” and underneath it, it read “Pit bulls, Rottweilers and dog-wolf hybrids are responsible for most attacks – so why aren’t they more restricted?” Basically Stephen Hume, the writer who wrote the article, is an uneducated, biased and ignorant. He wrote “Pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf crosses are the bazookas of the dog world. Perfectly safe as long as they don’t go off; devastatingly lethal when they do. And nobody, least of all their owners, seems to be able to predict when they will go off.” Really? Another article was published in the Vancouver Sun in response to the article written by Hume, Kathy Powelson who is with Paws for Hope Animal Foundation wrote the response article. To what he said that I stated above, she wrote “Huh? This is an issue of responsible pet guardianship, not inherently aggressive breeds” I was pleased to read her response to Hume’s previous article. She also said how the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation and Hug-A-Bull have partnered together to bring Vancouver a documentary called “Beyond The Myth” There will also be a panel of experts to discuss issues such as dangerous dogs, breed bans and responsible pet ownership. They’re screening the documentary at the Vancity Theater on October 20th and 28th at 2pm. I’m excited to attend this screening and meeting others who have the same passion to pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds.


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On April 30, 2011 Android released a new game application called “Dog Wars”. This is a game where you feed and train your dog and fight them. This is a dog fighting game which lets you enter a ring and go through training to fight them against other virtual dogs, for fake money. They even supplied steroid shots to give the dogs. This game was created by Kage Games LLC. And Android who is owned by Google, added this game to the market.

People playing the game can choose what to feed their dog, it goes anywhere from regular dog food to raw meat. They offer training supplies like steroid shots, shock collars, ropes and even guns. There are training games like tug of war and dragging a large tire to build strength, and after they have trained their dog they can then fight them against other players. 

Dog Wars was thankfully taken off the market and is no longer available. This game is disturbing and cruel! Apparently to Kage Games LLC, dog fighting is funny and is insinuating that pit bulls are inherently aggressive. Dog fighting is inhumane and immoral, it kills and injures dogs and pit bulls suffer many inhumane techniques just to prepare the dogs to fight. Illegal drugs are often used to give the dogs to reduce pain and to enhance muscle on the dogs. Other dogs suffer like “bait dogs” that are used to train and used for bait, even puppies, cats, and kittens are used. Most dogs are killed after and the rest who win a fight are praised. 

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When looking for a pit bull there are things you need to look into before you bring the new family member home. Adoption is a great thing to do when your looking for that special companion, and giving them a new forever home however, some people are really set on that beautiful pure bred pit bull that they might not be able to find in a shelter. I do 100% believe in adopting, every animal I have owned I have adopted except for Sadie, we splurged on her. But this is to help those who want to purchase from a breeder.

1st: Look for a highly recommended or a breeder that has had experience with raising and breeding pit bulls. This is important because pit bulls have become poorly bred dogs so you don’t want to but from a breeder who has bred poorly bred dogs.

2nd: When you have found a breeder, start off by asking the breeder questions like “what is in the bloodline?” “do the parents or any of the dogs in the bloodline have a history of being aggressive?” “are these puppies showing any signs of aggression of any kind?” Any of these questions or any question around that are great to ask! Don’t forget to ask about the bloodline, that’s very important because you DO NOT want a poorly bred dog. What I mean by that is some people are careless when breeding pit bulls and don’t look out for that genetic defect that was passed down by their parents or grandparents.

3rd: Ask to see the parents! You want to see how the parents are around you and how they act. If they show any signs of aggressive or territorial behavior then I would find another breeder. You want to make sure the parents are well trained and behaved because they are passing down traits to their puppies. Also, make sure you know that the parents are good with other dogs because you don’t want to have that one dog that is a fear to all other dogs at the dog park.

Following these simple steps will help you finding that well behaved pit bull you love and want!


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Lancaster, SC.  Feb 1, 2012.

22 year old Micheal Chavis was arrested for using an aggressive Pit Bull to assault a child. On Sunday, the child and some other kids kicked dirt on to Micheal Chavis truck and swore at him during the incident. Police investigating the the incident later said that Chavis then picked the child up and held him over an aggressive Pit Bull chained onto a tree. Chavis is now charged with assault and battery.

Reading this story I couldn’t help but think ANOTHER Pit Bull, aggressive or not, is being used for the wrong reason. Is this what we have resorted to? Using a dog to threaten and scare people? I know some people purchase these dogs to do that but I’ve never heard about someone physically doing so. I do not agree with what Micheal did to the child but this site is all about the Pit Bulls! On that note, I think using a animal as a weapon is just as bad as using a gun. A gun is only dangerous when someone is on the other side of it, and a Pit Bull is only dangerous when the wrong person is on the other side of it. This Pit Bull, well I assume, was already aggressive so the dog looked at the child as something to attack and possibly kill. But I also have to wonder if you held any small child over a dog, aggressive or not and whatever breed, would it still react the same way this Pit did? Any dog could look at a child as prey if its being held over it, because as we all should know, every dog has instinct to chase, attack, and even kill. I would like to know your thoughts on that! Please comment and share!

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