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The “Puppy Bowl” on Animal Planet is a yearly program on TV,  that is like the Super Bowl but except football players, they use puppies! The show consists of a number of puppies playing in a model stadium that looks like an actual football field, with commentary on what they’re doing. This years “Puppy Bowl” lineup is featuring two pure bred pit  bulls and four pit bull mixes out of thirty one puppies. However, the Puppy Bowl takes place in Miami and there has been a twenty year ban on pit bulls. Failed efforts to downturn the legislation last year, Miami-Dade is the only county in Florida that has an active pit bull ban. Animal Planet has been doing an amazing job with promoting pit bulls and changing peoples misconceptions about the breed. You can watch The Puppy Bowl this Sunday at 3 p.m. 

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From a cute little boy to Tania Torres:

For those of you who don’t know, Tania Torres is the daughter of the owner (Tia Maria Torres) of the largest pit bull rescue center in America, Villalobos Rescue Center, it is home to over 200 hundred pit bulls who need homes! Watch their show “Pit bulls And Parolees” on Animal Planet!

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I watched the Animal Planet special on gang dogs, it went into the secret world of different gangs and how dog fighting is a sport in their lives. Most gang members own a pit bull and fight it with a different gang member’s dog to prove which member’s dog is stronger.  Its a status symbol to own a pit bull in these areas and in gangs, and to fight them. I found this program interesting, it really got into the depth of dog fighting and the people who do it. Dog fighting has been increasing over the years, in Ohio, Chicago, and California, where different gangs are located. In mostly everyone’s yard in the gang streets you will see a pit bull in almost every persons yard, using them as savage guard dogs. A lot of the footage used in this program was very disturbing, showing clips from actual dog fights. This is a good example of irresponsible owners, however close to the end of the program they were showing how some people started a class to teach gang members, or just regular people how to bring up a pit bulls responsibly, which i think is great.

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