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A 10 year old pit bull named Baby, saved Rhonda and her sister, Evelyn Westenberger after their house caught on fire in Lincoln County, Oklahoma on Tuesday morning. Baby went back into the burning house to save 5 other dogs that lived there, she walked out the Westenberger sisters from sleep for them to escape the fire. All the family’s belongings and home were burned but they were so thankful for their loyal dog, Baby. The house caught on fire after a malfunction with the dryer but Baby refused to let her owners sleep after she kept nudging them and barking at them to wake up. There was still 5 other dogs in the burning house and Baby was not prepared to lose anyone to this fire so she faithfully entered her home to save the other dogs.

Evelyn, one of the sisters saved by Baby, suffered a congestive heart failure and was hospitalized after the fire. She was recovering in her hospital bed and was in good spirits knowing that her pit bull, Baby, saved her life. With tears in her eyes, Rhonda said :  “There were flames shooting down the hallway. If Baby hadn’t woken Evelyn up, I don’t think either one of us would have come out of it. It brings my spirit up a lot to see the dogs. I’m so proud of her. She is my hero. She’s the hero for all of us.”



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So before the weekend I was walking my dog Sadie around our neighborhood and just as I was coming back I heard this ticking noise on the pavement and Sadie looked back I noticed because the leashed tugged and I then I looked back and noticed the dog, Dawson, down the street was charging at us with its teeth bared. He grabbed Sadie and swung her around full force, and took her off the ground with its teeth and started shaking her very hard. He was full on attacking my dog and I went into shock, I didn’t know what to do at all all I could do was scream at the top of my lungs and hope that someone would come out to help. Sadie was trying to fight back, but mind you she is still a 9 month old puppy and a lot smaller than Dawson. Dawson finally backed off and my neighbors came out and so did Dawson’s owners. They said that Dawson “plays” too aggressively. Yeah right, that was NOT playing. Dawson is this beautiful Malamute that got along great with Chimo, before Chimo died. But Sadie is the 3rd dog Dawson has attacked now. Luckily, Sadie wasn’t hurt too bad, she was in shock just as much as I was and her back paw nail was bleeding, but I’m I think that was just from the pavement. I don’t believe in hitting an animal but if i wasn’t so in shock I would have kicked or hit Dawson so hard.

Dawson is always chained up, never walked, and not properly socialized. This has nothing to do with breed, but how he is raised. I do not blame Dawson, I blame his stupid owners. Since Sadie is the 3rd dog Dawson has attacked, the local animal shelter (L.A.P.S) will be contacted because I don’t want to see another dog attacked by him. I wanted to share this story because It is so important that you train and raise your dogs properly! I can’t stress this enough. This is a perfect example of  good dog raised poorly. So please train and raise your dogs properly and don’t neglect their needs.

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In march of this year a pit bull named Gladys found a newborn baby bunny outside their family home. The pit bull Gladys led her owners to the baby bunny, Gladys was nudging it with her nose, and when the mom Heather arrived home she asked Gladys where the bunny had come from, Gladys then led her over to three more newborn baby bunnies.  There was no mother rabbit around, so Heather decided to call the local wildlife rescuer. When the wildlife rescuer took the bunnies away, Gladys went back outside and laid down where the baby bunnies nest was, she seemed very sad for the nest few hours.  The wildlife rescuer called Heather to tell her 2 of the bunnies died but the other 2 survived and asked if he could bring the bunnies back to Gladys, and Gladys was so excited to see the newborn baby bunnies return. She was so happy to see how well the bunnies were doing. The day of the bunnies rescue there was a huge snowstorm and without Gladys, the bunnies would have died.  All thanks to Gladys the pit bull for her loving and gentle touch that the baby bunnies were saved and sent back into the wild. Its these stories that make me happy, it shows that pit bulls aren’t these vicious dogs everybody thinks they are. So many people only look at the bad things that pit bulls have done, and never at the good things like this story. There are so many heroic pit bulls out there like Gladys that have done so many amazing things, and any pit bull can be a hero. Its in their nature to be a sweet, loving, gentle, and friendly dog.

Gladys laying in the bunnies nest.

Gladys looking over the bunnies.

Gladys back with her rescue.

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