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I received an email a while ago from this very kind women named Ruby who shared a personal story of  her two pit bulls, Ace and Cash. One day Cash and Ace went off to explore, but they were no where to be found after they had searched for them. A few days later her moms boyfriend, Aces owner found them. They were shot and left on the side of the road by a farm. These dogs had never done anything to anyone, and Cash was only just a puppy. 

This story touched me and I had tears in my eyes after reading it. I decided to make a post about this because I think people need to hear about this and it needs to be out there. Two innocent pit bulls were shot and killed, most likely because they were pit bulls. This is not okay, this is disgusting and makes me lose hope in humans because I don’t understand how people can kill two innocent dogs. I’m glad she personally shared this story with me, it touched my heart. 

Ruby told me that she tries her hardest to clear the pit bulls name and fight for them. She shares the same passion as I do, we both will not stop the pit bulls fight for justice and restoring their reputation. Thank you Ruby for emailing me and sharing your story, I really do appreciate it! And continue to fight for the pit bulls! 

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^^This is a picture of Ruby and Ace


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I get a lot of questions asking if it was true that Pit Bulls could just “snap” out of the blue. So, I decided to write about it!

So, Is it true that Pit Bulls can just “snap?” I hear a lot of people who say that and when i’m researching the internet I come across a lot of the question of Pit bulls snapping. Some people even seem to know what their talking about when they are trying to convince people the cause of their “snapping”. I know that people are convinced that its because of the breed, and that is of course false. I heard that its because they have a small skull and a large brain so, sometimes it causes the nerve’s to send pain throughout their skull, causing them to snap. That is also false! The only way they could just “snap” is if they are: A) Poorly bred  B) They were provoked  C) The owner did not see the warning signs  D) They were going after a small dog- they see as prey, which is a natural instinct  E) Not trained. There is ALWAYS a reason. So  I hope that clears up some misconceptions that you might have heard of have had about them! And keep the questions and requests coming!

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In September 2011, a Pit bull puppy somehow managed to swallow an entire flag pole. He was sent to the vets and they fortunately were able to remove the flag pole without harming the puppy. However, they still don’t know how the puppy managed to ingest an entire garden flag pole without harming itself, they were surprised he survived this incident. “Blue” the Pit bull puppy is now doing just fine and recovering his surgery.

This is the X Ray that was taken.

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