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On Facebook, there is a page called “I HATE PITBULLS” I am not sure if the page was removed of if it is still up and running. There is no administrator, so you can’t message them to ask to remove the page. On the page, there are graphic pictures of dead pit bulls, dead pit bulls on grills and they took pictures off peoples Facebook pages of their pit bulls and made jokes about shooting and killing their pit bulls. I was disgusted going through these pictures and couldn’t believe someone could ever dedicate a page to one breed of dog they no nothing about. Facebook deletes rude comments that insult others almost instantly but they have not done anything about this page (as far as I know). There is a petition to get the page taken off and please sign it, they already have 21,813 signatures when their goal was only 10,000! I think the more signatures, the better. This Facebook page is vile and needs to be removed immediately. There have been countless people commenting on their pictures and wall, talking about shooting a pit bull dead if they ever saw one. I have spent much of my time reporting this page with the hopes of  it being shut down. Below, I will post the petition site along with some of the pictures on the page *Warning, they are GRAPHIC*

Petition site- http://www.causes.com/causes/791870-take-i-hate-pitbulls-off-facebook/actions/1681884


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On July 24th, an article was published in The Langley Times titled “Dog Rules Discriminate”. In the district of Maple Ridge, staff want to put in a new animal control bylaw that “singles out pit bulls as aggressive” and want to charge owners of pit bulls licensing fees four times as much, but other breeds wouldn’t be charged that much. Pit bulls, any bully or crosses would the charge apply to. The owners would have to pay $200 a year, as an aggressive dog licensing fee, and the dogs are required to wear a muzzle any time they are out. The bylaw is a result of the public reacting to pit bulls and their concerns. 

“The bylaw, as its proposed, discriminates against a certain breed and seems a simple, unfair solution to appease fears that may be unfounded. Basically, it says the district doesn’t want these dogs in Maple Ridge, when really what we want is irresponsible dog owners.”-Maple Ridge News

That quote was taken from the article, and I am happy that someone who isn’t biased, uneducated or ignorant wrote the article because that really does make a difference. 

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In the world of breed discrimination, there is a lot of places that does not allow pit bulls like some airlines, countries, and even a cafe! However, I had no idea that some apartments didn’t allow pit bulls. It doesn’t surprise me sadly, but it does make me angry. There are tons of people who want to know if there are “pit bull friendly” apartments, and it shouldn’t be like that. I understand apartments not letting ANY animal in but an animal friendly apartment that wont allow pit bulls in, is as wrong as a country banning them. I read that almost every apartment in Austin does not allows pit bulls, its in their policy. More breed discrimination has arrived and it doesn’t help, especially their reputation. If someone has a pit and they can only live in an apartment for the time being, then how can they do so? To do more research, I looked up more about it on the internet, I didn’t find much. There was just a lot of people asking about “pit bull friendly” apartments. I came across a website which was like an online forum for people looking for this and other people could comment and help them. I came across one of the most ignorant comments I have ever seen…

 ‘Sorry Firefighter. I don’t care how well trained and ‘gentle’ you say a pit-bull is, it’s in their blood to potentially be killers. I have personal experience as a neighbor’s pitbull attacked a family member recently. This dog was well trained, loved, gentle, and everything you say…however it snapped, and almost cost a loved-one dearly. 

Please don’t move to McKinney with that dog.”

This person was replying to someone looking for a pit friendly apartment, and I was so sickened by the ignorance and how uneducated this person is, and just how moronic he/she  sounded. That comment does not help anyone, and if someone is going to make those comments which have no relevance to what this person was asking, then don’t say it. 

Its so sad that even apartments (some) don’t allow pit bulls, but that doesn’t stop the fight for me.

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I’s heard so many ridiculous things people think about pit bulls but none as ridiculous as this…

One person tried telling me that it was proven that pit bulls are attracted to the smell of blood. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” was my reply. In what world are dogs attracted to the smell of blood? It is absolutely not proven and definitely not true. Pit bulls are not some crazy out of control monster of a dog that comes running when they smell blood. If stuff like that is going around then what else is? That is now added to the long list of myths about them, I just can’t believe someone would be stupid enough to actually believe that. Pit bulls are like any other dog, and its not possible for a dog to have a “trait” like that, its impossible. 

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Alright, I guess the title of this post speaks for itself. Whenever I see or hear about a new BSL law being put in, it makes me angry. The senator of District 9, Bernalillo, Sue  Beffort. She is planning to ask the governor to introduce a legislation this January. It will be a “dangerous dog” law and under this “dangerous dog” law Pit Bull will be included and any that share the physical traits of a Pit Bull.

What can YOU do to stop this law?:

Email:  Sue.Beffort@nmlegis.gov

Call: Capitol phone:  (505) 986- 4395 Home:  (505) 292-7116

I WILL be sending a email to say that I oppose this horrible law! If you want to stop this act, then you should call or write and tell them you oppose this law too. One person can make a difference, and if you live in New Mexico and own a Pit Bull and you don’t want your family member to be euthanized because of its breed  then call or email! And even if you don’t live in New Mexico then you should still do it because you will be saving countless Pit Bulls from being killed. Save the breed!

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Some pit bulls are now being banned on certain airlines after one incident. On July 22, 2002 a pilot heard some strange noises coming from the cargo hold of the plane. The pilot discovered that various navigational equipment wasn’t functioning, and when they opened the cargo they also discovered a 65 pound pit bull loose in cargo, the dog had broke free out of his crate. This dog was probably bored or stressed more than anything, it could have been any dog! While dogs are on an airplane they can get extremely fearful and stressed out, and any dog can break free of their kennel, it just happened to be a pit bull. To ban pit bulls and only pit bulls from airlines is breed discrimination, just because their pit bulls and after that one little incident that most likely is rare to happen again, they want to start banning them off some airlines? Their already banned in some provinces and city’s and even a cafe! Do they really need to do airlines too? They shouldn’t even be banning them in general. Another good example of breed discrimination, this happens to one dog and people wanna ban thousands.

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