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On Tuesday, February 12th, Farmers Group, INC announced that they would no longer be covering dog bites from pit bulls, rottweilers or wolf hybrids anymore with homeowners insurance anymore. Homeowners in California will be notified of the change when their policies come up for renewal. The reason for the change is that it costs too much to cover these breeds because the number of bites have risen. “We reviewed our liability claim history and we determined that three breeds accounted for more than 25% of dog bite claims,” Erin Freeman, Farmers Group spokeswomen said.  “In addition, these three breeds caused more harm when they attacked than any other breed.”

Pit bull advocates, trainer and rescue groups have criticized the decision made by Farmers saying that it is condemning the breed, which are not vicious by inheritance, rather than punishing irresponsible owners. According to NBC, Farmers is not the only insurance company that is finding ways to limit the increasing level of liability for dog bites. U.S insurance companies have seen a rise by 50% in payments to the people who have been attacked by dogs. In trying to decrease the costs of  dog bites and attacks, Farmers and other insurance  companies around the country, are now asking their  customers to sign a waver that acknowledges that bites will not be covered. 

Some companies will be charging extra for owners who own pit bulls or other breeds with a high bite rate. Some companies are refusing to cover any dog bites at all. The majority of insurance companies have a “one bite rule” which will cover the initial bite but no other bites by the same animal, the report states. 



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Great news everyone! Snoopy, the innocent pit bull that was impounded and on death row because of another dogs attack on Snoopy, he is finally released! After thousands of signatures on the petition and thousands likes on the Facebook group, Snoopy is going back home and reunited with his owner! I signed the petition and liked the group on Facebook, and I feel like I have helped save a life. I am so happy for Snoopy, and hopefully the city of Deltona will not make a mistake like that again because no dog and especially no pit bull deserves to be impounded and almost put down because of false information. All the signatures and likes on Facebook has freed Snoopy, everyone who helped should be very proud of themselves because you saved a life! Your going home now Snoopy!

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You might have this great idea about the Liberal Party Of Canada, and yeah they might do great things for the country but did you ever consider about what they are doing about the banning of pit bulls? Well they aren’t doing anything about it except enforce it, they support it. In their “Policy Resolutions 2006” They sate: “WHEREAS pit bulls and other canine attacks disfigure and mutilate thousands of Canadians each year;” And ” WHEREAS the safety of Canadians citizens is the responsibility of the canadian government and pit bulls present a direct threat to the safety of Canadians;”  Also ” BE IT RESOLVED that the Peterborough Federal Youth Association and the Liberal Party of Canada should work towards implementing a national pit bull ban  through negotiations with the Province& Territories;” And Lastly: ” BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the Peterborough Federal Liberal Youth Association and the Liberal Party Of Canada should demand a government inquiry into dangerous breeds of dog not limited to the pit bull breeds.

This “Policy Resolution” is ridiculous. Supporting and voting for The Liberal Party Of Canada is like supporting to ban pit bulls. If we let the Liberals run the country the who knows what is going to happen to the pit bulls, they will be banned in the rest of the nation. I know I don’t want them to ban pit bulls because of bad press, and a bad reputation, and mostly because people fear them without giving them a chance. So please think about who you vote for.

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