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In the Vancouver Sun there was an article written titled “Certain dogs and owners combine for violence” and underneath it, it read “Pit bulls, Rottweilers and dog-wolf hybrids are responsible for most attacks – so why aren’t they more restricted?” Basically Stephen Hume, the writer who wrote the article, is an uneducated, biased and ignorant. He wrote “Pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf crosses are the bazookas of the dog world. Perfectly safe as long as they don’t go off; devastatingly lethal when they do. And nobody, least of all their owners, seems to be able to predict when they will go off.” Really? Another article was published in the Vancouver Sun in response to the article written by Hume, Kathy Powelson who is with Paws for Hope Animal Foundation wrote the response article. To what he said that I stated above, she wrote “Huh? This is an issue of responsible pet guardianship, not inherently aggressive breeds” I was pleased to read her response to Hume’s previous article. She also said how the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation and Hug-A-Bull have partnered together to bring Vancouver a documentary called “Beyond The Myth” There will also be a panel of experts to discuss issues such as dangerous dogs, breed bans and responsible pet ownership. They’re screening the documentary at the Vancity Theater on October 20th and 28th at 2pm. I’m excited to attend this screening and meeting others who have the same passion to pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds.


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Good news! As of May 22, 2012, Ohio’s law now states that dangerous dogs are now defined on behavior NOT breed. Before, Ohio, as well as Maryland used to state dogs were vicious based on breed and looks. Ohio has been the only state to categorize dogs based on looks and breed. However, some places in Ohio will still continue to ban pit bulls.

Although this is good news, it makes me wonder when they won’t base on breed and behavior, but when they’ll base on humans and ownership. Ohio states that they now define a dangerous dog by behavior, however that behavior is learned and they learn it from their owners. Makes me wonder when humans are going to get it and be punished. For now though, I think that Ohio’s law is better than no law being lifted and changed, its a step to a better future for pit bulls.

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Alright, I guess the title of this post speaks for itself. Whenever I see or hear about a new BSL law being put in, it makes me angry. The senator of District 9, Bernalillo, Sue  Beffort. She is planning to ask the governor to introduce a legislation this January. It will be a “dangerous dog” law and under this “dangerous dog” law Pit Bull will be included and any that share the physical traits of a Pit Bull.

What can YOU do to stop this law?:

Email:  Sue.Beffort@nmlegis.gov

Call: Capitol phone:  (505) 986- 4395 Home:  (505) 292-7116

I WILL be sending a email to say that I oppose this horrible law! If you want to stop this act, then you should call or write and tell them you oppose this law too. One person can make a difference, and if you live in New Mexico and own a Pit Bull and you don’t want your family member to be euthanized because of its breed  then call or email! And even if you don’t live in New Mexico then you should still do it because you will be saving countless Pit Bulls from being killed. Save the breed!

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His Story:

“So I’m walking down the street yesterday and I come to a corner where there’s lots of people waiting for the light to change. And there’s a guy with two pit bulls. The dogs weren’t the biggest ones I’ve seen. They were though, untrained, tugging on the leash.

I got as far away from the dogs as possible, and wondered if the dogs’ owner had any idea of the potential danger he was parading up Columbus Avenue.

I did my first pit bull story about twenty years ago. The victim said she didn’t know what hit her when a neighborhood dog ran onto her porch and proceeded to take a portion of her leg off.

I’ve since heard the pleas of pit bull owners who say the attacks are the fault of bad owners, not the breed.

Still, I can’t help but believe part of the allure of owning a pit bull is the danger. If it’s not, then why bother? The issue has come to a head in dozens of cities across the country. Some towns have outright banned the breed.

You can keep your pit bull. Just keep him away form me.”

I came across this column while looking for more recent news about pit bulls, I couldn’t help but comment and want to blog about this story.  Harry Smith (The co-anchor who wrote this column) is another fearful human scared of nothing really, you see two pit bulls on the street and automatically you have all these things going through your mind like “I have to get out of here now” “don’t make eye contact with them” and “don’t show fear”.  I can understand why people make these assumptions, because of all the bad press, however I also cant help but think why don’t these people just give them a chance? I know if your a writer and co-anchor for a news station that sees and is the first to hear about any dog attack and does the reports on them, to have these misconceptions. He also says “I cant help but believe part of the allure of owning a pit bull is the danger. If  its not, then why bother?” Why bother? Why bother to have a wonderful, gentle, and loyal companion? These dogs make amazing family companions, and are among the most friendly dogs out there. Not everyone is gonna love them as much as me and the others that do as well, but at least try and educate yourself and give pit bulls a chance.

This is the picture Harry Smith posted along with his column, of course he chose a picture where a pit bull is showing its teeth…Actually this dog looks like it yawning more than anything…

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