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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police rescued 27 pit bulls and arrested two men in what they are calling the biggest dog fighting operation they’ve ever seen. The two men arrested, Melvin Smith and Lefonze Williams, were both charged with felony training of animals with the purpose of dog fighting and baiting. The dogs that were taken from the operation are evidence in the case but they will be sent to a rehab facility and will be observed so they can be adopted. The dogs had some scarring, but overall were healthy and happy, said Chris Dozier of Animal Care and Control. The officers who responded to the scene had heard dogs barking behind a large fence on the property and then they saw a few pit bulls chained to spiked driving into the ground. The Animal Care and Control was called to the scene and the officers had found evidence “consistent with training dogs for the purposes of fighting” and there was aerial footage also showed more evidence of the dog fighting operation. 

The officers obtained a search warrant and found the 27 dogs, a dog fighting arena and other evidence like tethers, antibiotics for the animals and also two few week old puppies dead on the property.



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On April 30, 2011 Android released a new game application called “Dog Wars”. This is a game where you feed and train your dog and fight them. This is a dog fighting game which lets you enter a ring and go through training to fight them against other virtual dogs, for fake money. They even supplied steroid shots to give the dogs. This game was created by Kage Games LLC. And Android who is owned by Google, added this game to the market.

People playing the game can choose what to feed their dog, it goes anywhere from regular dog food to raw meat. They offer training supplies like steroid shots, shock collars, ropes and even guns. There are training games like tug of war and dragging a large tire to build strength, and after they have trained their dog they can then fight them against other players. 

Dog Wars was thankfully taken off the market and is no longer available. This game is disturbing and cruel! Apparently to Kage Games LLC, dog fighting is funny and is insinuating that pit bulls are inherently aggressive. Dog fighting is inhumane and immoral, it kills and injures dogs and pit bulls suffer many inhumane techniques just to prepare the dogs to fight. Illegal drugs are often used to give the dogs to reduce pain and to enhance muscle on the dogs. Other dogs suffer like “bait dogs” that are used to train and used for bait, even puppies, cats, and kittens are used. Most dogs are killed after and the rest who win a fight are praised. 

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I watched the Animal Planet special on gang dogs, it went into the secret world of different gangs and how dog fighting is a sport in their lives. Most gang members own a pit bull and fight it with a different gang member’s dog to prove which member’s dog is stronger.  Its a status symbol to own a pit bull in these areas and in gangs, and to fight them. I found this program interesting, it really got into the depth of dog fighting and the people who do it. Dog fighting has been increasing over the years, in Ohio, Chicago, and California, where different gangs are located. In mostly everyone’s yard in the gang streets you will see a pit bull in almost every persons yard, using them as savage guard dogs. A lot of the footage used in this program was very disturbing, showing clips from actual dog fights. This is a good example of irresponsible owners, however close to the end of the program they were showing how some people started a class to teach gang members, or just regular people how to bring up a pit bulls responsibly, which i think is great.

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Dog Fighting has been around since the domestication of the dogs, and it is still popular in many parts of the world today. Pit bulls are the chosen dogs for this cruel game. They start training Pit bulls at an early age and the way they train them is also very disturbing. Some common methods of training are:

Treadmill: They place the dogs on the treadmill to increase endurance and cardiovascular fitness

Springpole: A large pole is placed in the ground with a spring hanging down with animal hide or a tire is attached to the spring. The dog is expected to latch on to the item and jump on it.

Jenny: The dog is tied to one pole, while a smaller animal is hung or harnessed from another pole. The dog runs in circles as he or she pressures the prey. The dog is usually rewarded afterwards with the bait once its over.

Chains And Weights: Heavy weights and chains are wrapped around the dogs neck to build upper body strength.

Bait: Animals are tied up and the dog is trained to attack them.

Supplements/Vitamins/Drugs: The most commonly used are B-12, hormones, steroids, weight-gain supplement, creatine, meth, iron/liver extract, and cocaine

The dogs fight in a 14 to 20 square feet and 2 to 3 feet high. Diagonal “scratch lines” are made at opposite ends of the pit. The dogs have to remain behind the lines until the referee calls for the handlers of the dogs to “face your dog” and then “let go” and at that point both dogs lunge at each other. The fights end when either dog turns their head or shoulders away from the opponent. These fights can last up to an hour. This is one sport i do not support, and it must be outlawed (Dog fighting not the pit bulls) This is a form of abusment, and the poor dogs are being trained to do this deed. Ban the deed not the breed!

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The Pit bull is one of the most abused dogs on the planet. Why would this beautiful dog be treated with disrespect and carelessness? Some people don’t care to see that abuse is ugly, dog fighting is one of the most disgusting form of abuse for pit bulls. Forcing a dog to fight another dog is sick and is just for the owners on the other side of the ring to make money or to show how strong their dog is. This is not acceptable. Neglect is often and most likely led to abuse, ignorance by owners or a difficult financial situation where they can’t take care of the dog. Irresponsible owners need to be punished and more laws need to be enforced to punish them.

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