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I received an email a while ago from this very kind women named Ruby who shared a personal story of  her two pit bulls, Ace and Cash. One day Cash and Ace went off to explore, but they were no where to be found after they had searched for them. A few days later her moms boyfriend, Aces owner found them. They were shot and left on the side of the road by a farm. These dogs had never done anything to anyone, and Cash was only just a puppy. 

This story touched me and I had tears in my eyes after reading it. I decided to make a post about this because I think people need to hear about this and it needs to be out there. Two innocent pit bulls were shot and killed, most likely because they were pit bulls. This is not okay, this is disgusting and makes me lose hope in humans because I don’t understand how people can kill two innocent dogs. I’m glad she personally shared this story with me, it touched my heart. 

Ruby told me that she tries her hardest to clear the pit bulls name and fight for them. She shares the same passion as I do, we both will not stop the pit bulls fight for justice and restoring their reputation. Thank you Ruby for emailing me and sharing your story, I really do appreciate it! And continue to fight for the pit bulls! 

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^^This is a picture of Ruby and Ace


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On April 30, 2011 Android released a new game application called “Dog Wars”. This is a game where you feed and train your dog and fight them. This is a dog fighting game which lets you enter a ring and go through training to fight them against other virtual dogs, for fake money. They even supplied steroid shots to give the dogs. This game was created by Kage Games LLC. And Android who is owned by Google, added this game to the market.

People playing the game can choose what to feed their dog, it goes anywhere from regular dog food to raw meat. They offer training supplies like steroid shots, shock collars, ropes and even guns. There are training games like tug of war and dragging a large tire to build strength, and after they have trained their dog they can then fight them against other players. 

Dog Wars was thankfully taken off the market and is no longer available. This game is disturbing and cruel! Apparently to Kage Games LLC, dog fighting is funny and is insinuating that pit bulls are inherently aggressive. Dog fighting is inhumane and immoral, it kills and injures dogs and pit bulls suffer many inhumane techniques just to prepare the dogs to fight. Illegal drugs are often used to give the dogs to reduce pain and to enhance muscle on the dogs. Other dogs suffer like “bait dogs” that are used to train and used for bait, even puppies, cats, and kittens are used. Most dogs are killed after and the rest who win a fight are praised. 

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