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Lancaster, SC.  Feb 1, 2012.

22 year old Micheal Chavis was arrested for using an aggressive Pit Bull to assault a child. On Sunday, the child and some other kids kicked dirt on to Micheal Chavis truck and swore at him during the incident. Police investigating the the incident later said that Chavis then picked the child up and held him over an aggressive Pit Bull chained onto a tree. Chavis is now charged with assault and battery.

Reading this story I couldn’t help but think ANOTHER Pit Bull, aggressive or not, is being used for the wrong reason. Is this what we have resorted to? Using a dog to threaten and scare people? I know some people purchase these dogs to do that but I’ve never heard about someone physically doing so. I do not agree with what Micheal did to the child but this site is all about the Pit Bulls! On that note, I think using a animal as a weapon is just as bad as using a gun. A gun is only dangerous when someone is on the other side of it, and a Pit Bull is only dangerous when the wrong person is on the other side of it. This Pit Bull, well I assume, was already aggressive so the dog looked at the child as something to attack and possibly kill. But I also have to wonder if you held any small child over a dog, aggressive or not and whatever breed, would it still react the same way this Pit did? Any dog could look at a child as prey if its being held over it, because as we all should know, every dog has instinct to chase, attack, and even kill. I would like to know your thoughts on that! Please comment and share!


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