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Malden City Council has decided that a meeting will be held to discuss that every pit bull in the city should wear a muzzle out in public. This effort is followed by an attack last year that was on a 10 year old boy by a male pit bull that has escaped from the yard. That same dog previously had bitten another child 3 months before the attack on the 10 year old. The pit bull was euthanized. The city of Lynn requires pit bulls to wear muzzles and they also have separate registration requirements.

Well, another unfair law that’s come to another city. Fear and ignorance is part of the problem and biased media is another part. They think pit bulls are scary? What I find scary is irresponsible owners are allowed to own these dogs. I’m guessing the pit bull that they are basing this new law around was uneuterd and was obviously raised by somebody careless. Why should one breed suffer because of the owners? 


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Feb 20, 2012. West Kelowna.

2 pit bulls escaped their owners yard, and according to a witness when the two dogs escaped they grabbed a Shih Tzu off its front porch, dragged it home and killed it. The remains of the dog were left in the neighbors yard. The owner of the two pits has agreed to surrender them to the authorities, and the neighbors have claimed that there have been no previous problems with the two dogs.

I watched the video of the story and they labeled these two dogs as “aggressive” dogs, yes they killed another dog but that does not make them aggressive dogs. I know that may sound silly but its true. These dogs had no bad history or a previous history with the little dog they killed, this incident was an accident and they should not be labeled aggressive. Instinct also plays a crucial role in this (see post January 7, 2012 for more about instinct in dogs) a small dog was left out on the porch and obviously these two pits were bored that’s why they escaped, but they spotted the dog and it was probably just instinct that made them kill the dog, they looked at it as prey. And also, what was this little shih tzu doing unattended in the front porch?! Why would you leave a small dog that could potentially look like prey alone? I would say that its partially the owner of the shih tzu’s fault that it was killed. Two pit bulls are once again being tagged as aggressive for one incident that has so many more parts to it then two dogs that killed another. And the authorative figures should look more into it before deciding any drastic measures.

Officer standing near a yellow tarp where the Shih Tzu’s remains are covered.

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McDonald’s you have me absolutely disgusted. As soon as I heard about their new radio ad I had to listen for myself to hear what all the hype was about. “Trying a brand new item isn’t risky, you know whats risky? Petting a stray pit bull”  I am so angry and offended. I just cannot believe these complete IGNORANT and STUPID people! Actually, trying one of your gross chicken bites is 100 times more risky than petting a stray pit bull! McDonald’s is very much insinuating that petting a pit bull is dangerous and not safe. Their telling people and creating this false image of a pit bull and now millions of people have heard this ad and probably most believe it. Because some people think if its said on the radio, it must be true. One company has made this dog look like a monster in one 30 second radio ad…and millions of people have heard it and believe it. McDonald’s should be ashamed of themselves, pit bulls give nothing but love, affection, and loyalty and this is what they get in return? Show McDonald ‘s your disapproval and how disgusted you are by posting a photo with a sign! I’ll be doing one to show McDonald’s how stupid and ignorant they are.

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This video here is about the breed specific legislation and how it affects so many breeds. I do not support BSL, and never will, its wrong and does not solve any problems. I recommend you should watch this video because it really shows how so many dogs are being banned because of ignorant, narrow minded people that are fearful of these dogs and also have many misconceptions of these breeds. I own a dog that is on the BSL list, Siberian husky, and its most likely that you have one too. Its not a small list, there is even dogs being targeted that aren’t even on the list. Its scary to think that one day someone could come to your house, take your dog, and kill it because its a certain breed that their fearful of. How do you feel about that? Racial profiling is illegal, so why isn’t BSL? Its exactly like racial profiling, except its with different dog breeds. Please don’t support the breed specific legislation.

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The Pit bull is one of the most abused dogs on the planet. Why would this beautiful dog be treated with disrespect and carelessness? Some people don’t care to see that abuse is ugly, dog fighting is one of the most disgusting form of abuse for pit bulls. Forcing a dog to fight another dog is sick and is just for the owners on the other side of the ring to make money or to show how strong their dog is. This is not acceptable. Neglect is often and most likely led to abuse, ignorance by owners or a difficult financial situation where they can’t take care of the dog. Irresponsible owners need to be punished and more laws need to be enforced to punish them.

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