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Fritz, a 25 year old man gets a late night wake up call from his pit bull Jessie. Fritz had a recent surgery of having a piece of bone removed from his right elbow, and the doctor told him he may have a little bleeding and keep an eye on it. After his surgery Fritz went home to sleep and during the night Jessie began whining, tugging, and pulling his left sleeve and nosing his arm. Fritz woke up and could feel the warmth from the blood on his arm and the large bandage around his arm was soaked in blood. Fritz then had his girlfriend take him to the hospital and the doctors quickly cut the bandage off to see what was happening. The emergency room physician discovered that a artery had been nicked during the surgery. After returning from the emergency room Jessie didn’t leave Fritz’s side for 3 days. Today, Fritz thinks if Jessie didn’t wake him up he would have bled to death. 

I’m not sure when this incident took place but I had to write about it, Pit bulls are heroic dogs that they should be praised a lot more because they deserve it. I give so much respect to Jessie, her instinct was incredible and could have saved a life. More Pit bulls should be recognized for the good they do (like other dogs) and not the bad things which rarely happen. Great job Jessie!


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Feb 20, 2012. West Kelowna.

2 pit bulls escaped their owners yard, and according to a witness when the two dogs escaped they grabbed a Shih Tzu off its front porch, dragged it home and killed it. The remains of the dog were left in the neighbors yard. The owner of the two pits has agreed to surrender them to the authorities, and the neighbors have claimed that there have been no previous problems with the two dogs.

I watched the video of the story and they labeled these two dogs as “aggressive” dogs, yes they killed another dog but that does not make them aggressive dogs. I know that may sound silly but its true. These dogs had no bad history or a previous history with the little dog they killed, this incident was an accident and they should not be labeled aggressive. Instinct also plays a crucial role in this (see post January 7, 2012 for more about instinct in dogs) a small dog was left out on the porch and obviously these two pits were bored that’s why they escaped, but they spotted the dog and it was probably just instinct that made them kill the dog, they looked at it as prey. And also, what was this little shih tzu doing unattended in the front porch?! Why would you leave a small dog that could potentially look like prey alone? I would say that its partially the owner of the shih tzu’s fault that it was killed. Two pit bulls are once again being tagged as aggressive for one incident that has so many more parts to it then two dogs that killed another. And the authorative figures should look more into it before deciding any drastic measures.

Officer standing near a yellow tarp where the Shih Tzu’s remains are covered.

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January 7, 2012 two Pit Bulls were impounded for killing a cat. On a Thursday morning two Pit Bulls were caught running loose and it ended up in them killing a cat. This is an actual case, which some what shocked me. What people really need to understand is that ALL dogs has the instinct to chase and possibly kill. Dogs are descendants from wolves and wolves hunt, kill, and chase their prey. No different from what dogs do since they are the descendants. Owning huskies, we have had to deal a lot with our dog Chimo, before she passed away (see blog post May 9, 2011) she would kill most rats and mice she could find, there was an instinct to kill and chase small animals. Never a cat though, she would have if she could. Their blaming these Pit Bulls for something ANY dog can do! If any dog saw a smaller animal running or walking or not doing anything then they would most likely chase it or kill it. Instinct people! Its in all dogs! People need to stop blaming a certain breed because of what they’ve heard. I’m sure most people have dogs that are capable and all dogs are capable of killing a cat, and it has nothing to do with a certain breed it has to do with INSTINCT.

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I get a lot of questions asking if it was true that Pit Bulls could just “snap” out of the blue. So, I decided to write about it!

So, Is it true that Pit Bulls can just “snap?” I hear a lot of people who say that and when i’m researching the internet I come across a lot of the question of Pit bulls snapping. Some people even seem to know what their talking about when they are trying to convince people the cause of their “snapping”. I know that people are convinced that its because of the breed, and that is of course false. I heard that its because they have a small skull and a large brain so, sometimes it causes the nerve’s to send pain throughout their skull, causing them to snap. That is also false! The only way they could just “snap” is if they are: A) Poorly bred  B) They were provoked  C) The owner did not see the warning signs  D) They were going after a small dog- they see as prey, which is a natural instinct  E) Not trained. There is ALWAYS a reason. So  I hope that clears up some misconceptions that you might have heard of have had about them! And keep the questions and requests coming!

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