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In Northern Ireland 2010, Lennox was take into custody because he looks similar to a pit bull. Under Northern Ireland’s Dangerous Dog Act, they have the right to euthanize Lennox according to The (UK) Guardian.  Lennox has been kept from his family ever since he was taken away from them back in 2010. Last week, the countries highest court rejected the final appeal for Lennox to be saved and returned to his family. Now the case will have to be appealed on a point of law to protect him. On top of all that, Northern Ireland is making it illegal for people in the country to own a pit bull or anything that looks like a pit bull. The court says its the families responsibility to prove that Lennox is not a pit bull. 

The good news is, there is a chance that Lennox can return home. The judge has to rule that the dog is not a danger to the public, however that is rarely seen in these cases and there have been several witnesses saying that Lennox has shown aggressive behavior. Lennox’s family has been fighting and fighting for there beloved dog, they have even started a petition that has already gotten 15,000 signatures. Sadly, Lennox will be euthanized this month unless the queen or secretary of state steps in. Please help and support the fight to free Lennox! 

Here are some petitions you can sign!:  http://www.petitiononline.com/sl190510/petition.html

Facebook page here: 


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Meet Sassy:

Sassy Is 11 years old and we adopted her from the SPCA as a kitten, she was found abandoned behind a pub. She is the last of the 2 other cats we had, but they passed away. Sassy is like my child and I love her so much, she is very affectionate, especially before she sleeps or before I go to bed. She sleeps right next to my head, and she has been for the past 4 or 5 years now. She is very special to me!

Meet Sadie: 

Sadie is our new addition to the family! She is a red and white Siberian Husky, and 11 months old now. We got her June of 2011 and she has been working out great! After Chimo passed away (see blog post May 9, 2011) we wanted another Siberian because we just feel in love with them. Sadie is sweet, hyper, silly, and happy. She is doing training right now and she is doing really well (the picture below was taken when she was about 3 or 4 months old)

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Dunn, North Carolina. 

Police in Dunn say they have gotten many calls about aggressive pit bulls in the last year. Chief B.P Jones requested a city wide ban on the breed. There has been 44 calls about aggressive pit bulls, but no injuries. “But pit bulls are still a dangerous breed” Jones said. He plans on discussing his ban idea with the city counsel this weekend. ” The owners of the breed don’t take the necessary precautions to protect people from the dogs” Says Jones, he also said: “They treat pit bulls like any other dogs, but the pit bull dog is different from other dogs”

This police officer, Jones, is completely ignorant and uneducated. He thinks that this is a dog that is naturally aggressive and has been like that since they were bred. Which is, of course, untrue. People SHOULD treat pit bulls like any other dog because they are like any other dog! There is nothing different about a pit bull than any other dog. The only thing that’s different about pit bulls than any other dog, is their bad reputation, and the media has done a fantastic job of doing that (cue the sarcasm). Pit bulls shouldn’t be banned, irresponsible owners  should be! It isn’t the dogs fault, its the owners. That goes for poor breeding too, because its the owners who are breeding them that way.” The owners of the breed don’t take the necessary precautions to protect people from the dogs” What are the necessary precautions? That’s what I wanna know. All you need is to train, raise them properly, and provide unconditional love for your pit bull and you won’t run into these problems. Only if Jones would understand and educate himself, maybe he would think twice about a ban. 

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McDonald’s you have me absolutely disgusted. As soon as I heard about their new radio ad I had to listen for myself to hear what all the hype was about. “Trying a brand new item isn’t risky, you know whats risky? Petting a stray pit bull”  I am so angry and offended. I just cannot believe these complete IGNORANT and STUPID people! Actually, trying one of your gross chicken bites is 100 times more risky than petting a stray pit bull! McDonald’s is very much insinuating that petting a pit bull is dangerous and not safe. Their telling people and creating this false image of a pit bull and now millions of people have heard this ad and probably most believe it. Because some people think if its said on the radio, it must be true. One company has made this dog look like a monster in one 30 second radio ad…and millions of people have heard it and believe it. McDonald’s should be ashamed of themselves, pit bulls give nothing but love, affection, and loyalty and this is what they get in return? Show McDonald ‘s your disapproval and how disgusted you are by posting a photo with a sign! I’ll be doing one to show McDonald’s how stupid and ignorant they are.

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All pit bulls need respect and love. There are so many that are frowned upon and unloved because of biased media and their breed. So many pit bulls do great things for the world like: search and rescue dogs, “nanny dogs”, and overall great family members. They deserve a little more credit than what they have been given. I think people should give them a chance and see for themselves instead of believing what they hear about them. I never judged a pit bull, I was never a hater before I became a lover. Its not fair to judge based on what you see on the outside or hear before giving it a chance yourself.

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