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This has been surfacing the media since Kelly Ripa made many people angry when she commented, calling pit bulls dangerous saying: “But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?” on her show on October 10th. The star of “The Big Bang Theory” Kaley Cuoco, responded on Twitter saying “Did Kelly Ripa really say “all pits are dangerous” on her show this am? I didn’t see it, just hearing through twitter.. True or false?” A fan then said yes, it was true, then Cuoco tweeted “Completely heart broken and disappointed.” And later tweeted, “I really hope @KellyRipa didn’t say what I think she said this am regarding pit bulls. #Please don’t be true.” Cuoco wasn’t the only one disappointed and tweeting Kelly Ripa, other people were tweeting Ripa, one person tweeted  “Shame on you- encouraging discrimination & stereotyping @KellyRipa! October is pit bull awareness month: GET EDUCATED in this time!” People also tweeted her asking to take back the comment she made about the breed. There is a petition on Change.org asking Kelly to volunteer at a pit bull shelter so she can educate herself and get to know the dogs so hopefully she won’t make anymore ignorant comments. 


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In the Vancouver Sun there was an article written titled “Certain dogs and owners combine for violence” and underneath it, it read “Pit bulls, Rottweilers and dog-wolf hybrids are responsible for most attacks – so why aren’t they more restricted?” Basically Stephen Hume, the writer who wrote the article, is an uneducated, biased and ignorant. He wrote “Pit bulls, Rottweilers and wolf crosses are the bazookas of the dog world. Perfectly safe as long as they don’t go off; devastatingly lethal when they do. And nobody, least of all their owners, seems to be able to predict when they will go off.” Really? Another article was published in the Vancouver Sun in response to the article written by Hume, Kathy Powelson who is with Paws for Hope Animal Foundation wrote the response article. To what he said that I stated above, she wrote “Huh? This is an issue of responsible pet guardianship, not inherently aggressive breeds” I was pleased to read her response to Hume’s previous article. She also said how the Paws for Hope Animal Foundation and Hug-A-Bull have partnered together to bring Vancouver a documentary called “Beyond The Myth” There will also be a panel of experts to discuss issues such as dangerous dogs, breed bans and responsible pet ownership. They’re screening the documentary at the Vancity Theater on October 20th and 28th at 2pm. I’m excited to attend this screening and meeting others who have the same passion to pit bulls and other misunderstood breeds.

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Why do children seem to be the victims of most Pit bull attacks? I read so many news stories everyday about pit bull attacks and a lot of them are small kids being the victims of it. There is a lot of reasons like the dogs were trained to kill, attack, socialized, or not even trained, but also NEVER leave a dog alone with a child, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT BREED. I once read a story about a Pomeranian who killed a child while the owner left the dog alone with the child for just a few minutes. It should be common knowledge that you never leave a child alone with a dog. No matter what breed, shape or size, you just don’t. Pit bulls do make wonderful companions for family’s with children! Pits and children go great together, however please make sure you socialize your pit bull and train and raise it properly because its possible to run into these problems. EVERY dog should be raised and trained, no matter what the breed. I stress this because most people think that only the “tougher” breeds should be trained and sometimes people are careless with training.

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Hug A Bull is a rescue for Pit bulls in the Vancouver area that is run entirely by volunteers and serve the whole province of British Columbia. They are a web-based shelter and they put their dogs into foster homes, they will send out their dogs to foster homes for 30 days and during that time period you observe the dog and provide feedback on the dogs behavior, likes, dislikes, and personality. Volunteering is also a big part of the shelter, and the more they have the better. The volunteers help with things like fostering dogs, planning and helping with events, and transportation and home checks. Donations are greatly accepted and every bit helps! Check out their Website!


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Myth number 1: PitBulls are naturally dangerous and may attack at any time.

-False! They are no dangerous than a Golden retriever and aq beagle. And no dog is naturally dangerous.

Myth number 2: PitBulls have lock jaws.

-False!  They have a bone anatomy just like any other dog, however they do possess a lot of power but they are not a superhuman monster that hold immortal capabilities

Myth number 3: A PitBull that attacks other animals will go after people next.

-False!  Animal aggression and human aggression are two completely different things. Pit bulls were once trained to fight and bring down large animals, hence the possession of animal aggression in some pit bulls (or any other breed for that matter!) is not unnatural, and definitely NOT a reason to euthanize the dog.

Myth number 4: PitBulls and children do not belong together.

-False!  They make wonderful companions for children, and families. They also have the ability to handle a lot of rough and tumble play that kids  can dish out.

Myth number 5: PitBulls are great guard dogs.

-No! They make lousy guard dogs, they are naturally too friendly. They would rather lick a robber to death than attack one. However since their very loyal to their owners, they will protect their owners if they feel there is a threat.

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