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For the first time in 25 years, pit bulls can now run freely in Edmonton because the city has removed the licensing rules that kept them tied up when they are outside. In 1987, the law was introduced because of concerns of the attacks and required Staffordshire Bull terriers and American Staffordshire terriers to be leashed and muzzled when out of the owners property. Even if the dogs were on the owners property outdoors, they would have to be chained, muzzled or in pens. Owners also faced a higher licensing fee and needed a $1 million in liability insurance. The city amended the law without a debate to remove those requirements and only apply them to dogs who have attacked, bitten or chased people or other animals. In a city report, it indicated the breed specific legislation law has not been effective and there have been no evidence that it has reduced attacks or biting. The best way to stop attacks, bites and aggression is education and training for owners and their dogs but this is good news for the city of Edmonton, I am hopeful that more city’s will follow in their foot steps in eliminating their breed ban.     


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A 6 year old Pit bull named Snoopy was impounded for fighting with another dog Tuesday January 17, 2012. The owner says Snoopy was not the aggressive one, and didn’t start the fight. “I was really upset” the 77 year old owner said. Snoopy was declared a dangerous dog back in 2007. In the City of Deltona many people, thousands of people are starting petitions and a Facebook group to save Snoopy from being put down. The other dog isn’t in any trouble and i’m guessing its not a pit bull and that’s why. Once again a innocent Pit bull is being blamed for another dogs wrong doing. Snoopy is on death row because its a Pit bull, and for fighting for the reason of self defense. In Deltona any Pit bull  (aggressive or not) has to be muzzled at all times even in their own yard, which is also a problem, Snoopy was not muzzled but that has nothing to do with it! It was the other dog who started the fight and that was aggressive, not snoopy. If you want to help to save a pit bulls life then Like the Facebook page!: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Save-Snoopy/277697138951174

YOU can make a difference and can help to save an innocent dogs life and reunite Snoopy with his owner! Keep your hope Bob Johnson (owner) and keep your tail wagging Snoopy!

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