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The Charlotte-Mecklenburg police rescued 27 pit bulls and arrested two men in what they are calling the biggest dog fighting operation they’ve ever seen. The two men arrested, Melvin Smith and Lefonze Williams, were both charged with felony training of animals with the purpose of dog fighting and baiting. The dogs that were taken from the operation are evidence in the case but they will be sent to a rehab facility and will be observed so they can be adopted. The dogs had some scarring, but overall were healthy and happy, said Chris Dozier of Animal Care and Control. The officers who responded to the scene had heard dogs barking behind a large fence on the property and then they saw a few pit bulls chained to spiked driving into the ground. The Animal Care and Control was called to the scene and the officers had found evidence “consistent with training dogs for the purposes of fighting” and there was aerial footage also showed more evidence of the dog fighting operation. 

The officers obtained a search warrant and found the 27 dogs, a dog fighting arena and other evidence like tethers, antibiotics for the animals and also two few week old puppies dead on the property.



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Okay, so I was searching for more recent Pit Bull news, and came across a some what story about a school having to lockdown  because of a pit bull roaming around a school on October 4. There isn’t a full story on this so It was hard to gather information to write this post, but i’m going to do the best I can with the least bit of information! The story: ” A Pit Bull forced a lockdown of several schools in long Island Tuesday afternoon. The dog was sighted in North Merrick. When police tried to capture it, it attacked an officer and fled. Students were held inside the Harold Fayette, Old Mill Road and Bellmore-Merrick Central High School.” That is the only information that I have but I found this “story” interested me. When I hear about a lockdown I usually picture someone trying to harm someone or has a weapon, or whatever else causes a lockdown. With the lack of information that I have I was asking myself all these questions like “was this dog causing harm?” “was this dog just wondering around the school property?” I was really interested in knowing what made people close the school! The most likely reason that I thought of was, they were fearful. They wanted to lockdown an entire school and the police came all because one dog was roaming the property. The Pit bull wasn’t even causing trouble or harming anyone, I guess when someone sees a Pit Bull there, their automatically fearful. And i’m thinking this poor dog attacked because it was fearful, could you imagine having the police surround you, I think you would be pretty scared too.  

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