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In the beginning of August, a four year old girl was attacked by a pit bull at a barbecue in White Rock B.C and then a four year old boy was attacked by a pit bull in Kelowna. The parents of both children are calling for a province wide breed ban. While in Ontario, there is a pressure from the pit bull community to lift the ban on pit bulls because of the unclear description in the legislation. It forbids pit bulls and other dogs with broad shoulders, short hair and a wide forehead. A lot of dogs can apply to this because “pit bull” isn’t a recognized breed, but American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers or any of them mixed, are. 

I live in B.C, and when I read that a ban could be placed on this breed, I really couldn’t believe it because for so long there has been no breed ban and I kept hoping one would never be placed. The parents of the children are responding out of fear and anger, the only way of preventing these issues is to compel animal cruelty laws and make owners responsible for their pets. A breed ban is just a false idea of safety in a community. Ignorance is a very poor excuse to ban a certain breed. 


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October 14, 2011. In Ottawa, a new dog friendly cafe has decideed to ban pit bulls. Outside the cafe there is a sign reading ” No Pit Bulls Allowed”  The owner of the cafe says that in her defensive she believes the liability costs are too high and the terms of her lease say that if she allowed pit bulls then the insurance company would also opt out. Pit bull owners accuse the cafe of being discriminating and should not discriminate against pit bulls who do not have muzzles, says pit bull owner Tammy Perkins. The owner argued that she is only doing this because a lot of companies wouldn’t insure her and that she is following the rules set by her landlord. ” I like pit bulls. There are few dogs that scare me…a lot of companies just would not insure me”. The owner Dunn says.

To me this is discriminatory and a disgrace, even if a pit bull does not have a violent past its still not allowed in. I don’t think this is fair and reasonable, even if Dunn is going by what her terms state, its still not right. She says she likes pit bulls but if you really liked them i don’t think you would stand for something that discriminates against them, I wouldn’t stand for that. Ontario has banned pit bulls since 2005, but some still do exist there only if they are born before the banning date. If the ones that are born before 2005 and still roam around, they have to wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash at all times, even if there is no violent past. More and more uneducated people that think they are helping to reduce dog attacks and killings by banning them. It doesn’t help anything, all they should be worried about is the untrustworthy owners that own them. They are killing innocent dogs because of fear and ignorance, and banning them because they believe all the myths and misconceptions people have about pit bulls, and think its all true (see blog post May 1st for myths and misconceptions).

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The Dog Whisperer’s Cesar Millan was going to Ontario to do an appearance for one of his live show tours, unfortunately his beloved dog Junior, who is a pit bull, was not allowed into the province because pit bulls are banned there. The Liberal government banned pit bulls 5 years ago saying that they were too “dangerous” . Cesar was worried that Junior would be seized if he brought him into the province

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