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Dog Fighting has been around since the domestication of the dogs, and it is still popular in many parts of the world today. Pit bulls are the chosen dogs for this cruel game. They start training Pit bulls at an early age and the way they train them is also very disturbing. Some common methods of training are:

Treadmill: They place the dogs on the treadmill to increase endurance and cardiovascular fitness

Springpole: A large pole is placed in the ground with a spring hanging down with animal hide or a tire is attached to the spring. The dog is expected to latch on to the item and jump on it.

Jenny: The dog is tied to one pole, while a smaller animal is hung or harnessed from another pole. The dog runs in circles as he or she pressures the prey. The dog is usually rewarded afterwards with the bait once its over.

Chains And Weights: Heavy weights and chains are wrapped around the dogs neck to build upper body strength.

Bait: Animals are tied up and the dog is trained to attack them.

Supplements/Vitamins/Drugs: The most commonly used are B-12, hormones, steroids, weight-gain supplement, creatine, meth, iron/liver extract, and cocaine

The dogs fight in a 14 to 20 square feet and 2 to 3 feet high. Diagonal “scratch lines” are made at opposite ends of the pit. The dogs have to remain behind the lines until the referee calls for the handlers of the dogs to “face your dog” and then “let go” and at that point both dogs lunge at each other. The fights end when either dog turns their head or shoulders away from the opponent. These fights can last up to an hour. This is one sport i do not support, and it must be outlawed (Dog fighting not the pit bulls) This is a form of abusment, and the poor dogs are being trained to do this deed. Ban the deed not the breed!


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Hundreds of Pit Bulls are being taken from their homes to be killed on a simple judgement of their breed. Please stop this unfair act and sign a petition. They didn’t do anything wrong, only the people the owned them did, if we should outlaw something it should be the people..

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