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Free spay and neutering procedures for pit bulls and pit mixes are being offered The Sacramento Animal Shelter after they have received a grant to provide it. Two zip codes in the city will be able to have these free procedures done. Gina Knepp, the shelter manager, says that 40% of the 5,000 dogs in the shelter are either pit bulls or pit mixes. The $5,000 grant that was given to the Sacramento Animal Shelter was from the Chako Pit Bull Rescue will allow the shelter to help most of the stay pit bulls in the 95816 and 95818 area codes.

The dogs that are not adopted will be euthanized, however, the adoption rates for the dogs are 60% but Knepp says there are still too many. Knepp says “If i treat say 200 hundred animals, 100 pairs, with 3 to 8 puppies a pair. That’s a lot of animals.” For the owners who choose to take the free spay and neuter offer, the city will throw in micro chipping, vaccinations, I.D tags and collars and city license. The city would save money if they didn’t deal with pit bulls and pit mixes and other animals. You don’t need to be an owner of a pit bull to get these discounts, the shelter also does have a yearly round spay and neuter program based on income for any breed.

Bella city


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8 year old pit bull named Lily pulled her 54 year old owner to safety from an oncoming train May 3rd. Christine Spain, Lily’s owner, was walking home from her boyfriends house when she then collapsed on to the train tracks. Christine Spain suffered no injuries, however Lily did. Lily fractured her pelvis and lost a leg to save her owner. 

Lily was hit by the train to save her owners life, if that’s not loyalty then what is? This was a touching story that shows a pit bulls loyalty. “My hope is that this story is going to get out and show what pit bulls are truly about.” said Boston Police Officer David Lanteigne. Hes right, hopefully this does show people that pit bulls aren’t these mauling machines that they are portrayed to be. Lily helped Spain decrease her drinking problem and kept her sober, Spain is emotionally scarred from this said her son (Lanteigne). Lily is in critical care and it will cost thousands of dollars for Lily’s physical therapy but good people around the country are raising money for Lily and around $40,000 has already been donated. 

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Feb 20, 2012. West Kelowna.

2 pit bulls escaped their owners yard, and according to a witness when the two dogs escaped they grabbed a Shih Tzu off its front porch, dragged it home and killed it. The remains of the dog were left in the neighbors yard. The owner of the two pits has agreed to surrender them to the authorities, and the neighbors have claimed that there have been no previous problems with the two dogs.

I watched the video of the story and they labeled these two dogs as “aggressive” dogs, yes they killed another dog but that does not make them aggressive dogs. I know that may sound silly but its true. These dogs had no bad history or a previous history with the little dog they killed, this incident was an accident and they should not be labeled aggressive. Instinct also plays a crucial role in this (see post January 7, 2012 for more about instinct in dogs) a small dog was left out on the porch and obviously these two pits were bored that’s why they escaped, but they spotted the dog and it was probably just instinct that made them kill the dog, they looked at it as prey. And also, what was this little shih tzu doing unattended in the front porch?! Why would you leave a small dog that could potentially look like prey alone? I would say that its partially the owner of the shih tzu’s fault that it was killed. Two pit bulls are once again being tagged as aggressive for one incident that has so many more parts to it then two dogs that killed another. And the authorative figures should look more into it before deciding any drastic measures.

Officer standing near a yellow tarp where the Shih Tzu’s remains are covered.

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