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Steve Madison, the city councilman thinks Pasadena should be considering a ban on pit bulls within city limits. He says that the breed poses as an inherent threat to the public, being aggressive and powerful sometimes.  Madison said “Time after time, a pit bull chews a kid to death somewhere, and I’m not going to let that happen in Pasadena,” during a meeting of the councils Public Safety Committee, Madison also says “I would have no problem saying ‘Pasadena’s a special place: If you want to live here, come, but don’t bring your pit bull.”

The president of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, Steve McNall, says the law would unfairly punish the responsible pit bull owners. “It’s a discrimination issue” McNall says, and told Madison he would refuse to take part of any plan that wants to seize and euthanize contraband dogs. “To take somebody’s personal property, a family member, and kill it? The last time I checked, this is the United States, not Russia.” However, the pit bull ban is currently on pause because California’s law prevents cities from banning a specific breed of dog.


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A possible pit bull ban is coming to the City Of  Breaux Bridge, the current ordinance considers them to be dangerous. The past few years, there have been attacks and other issues experienced by police that have encouraged the mayor to take the breed specific legislation to his council. The council, over the past two months, have been taking a total ban of the breed into consideration, or reworking the current ordinance. The ordinance states right now, that the owners of pit bulls must have $100,00 insurance, an 8 foot tall fence and must muzzle the dog when out for a walk. Council members, Terry Thibodeaux, Gary Champagne and councilman, Menard, all have agreed that they don’t want to ban the breed, however, they do want the problem under control to protect pit bulls and their owners. The mayor, Delhomme, plans to put the item in the agenda in October for the council to discuss and he hopes the issue will be resolved then.

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In the beginning of August, a four year old girl was attacked by a pit bull at a barbecue in White Rock B.C and then a four year old boy was attacked by a pit bull in Kelowna. The parents of both children are calling for a province wide breed ban. While in Ontario, there is a pressure from the pit bull community to lift the ban on pit bulls because of the unclear description in the legislation. It forbids pit bulls and other dogs with broad shoulders, short hair and a wide forehead. A lot of dogs can apply to this because “pit bull” isn’t a recognized breed, but American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers or any of them mixed, are. 

I live in B.C, and when I read that a ban could be placed on this breed, I really couldn’t believe it because for so long there has been no breed ban and I kept hoping one would never be placed. The parents of the children are responding out of fear and anger, the only way of preventing these issues is to compel animal cruelty laws and make owners responsible for their pets. A breed ban is just a false idea of safety in a community. Ignorance is a very poor excuse to ban a certain breed. 

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Earlier this year, Maryland ruled that pit bulls were “inherently dangerous” and also if a tenants dog bites someone, the landlord can be sued. Earlier this month, a letter was sent out to every resident at the Armistead Gardens apartment complex in East Baltimore. The letter reads: “If you have a pit bull or cross-bred pit bull mix, you must get rid of the animal immediately.” One of the residents refuses to get rid of his pit bull, but his only option is to go to court. 

 “What may be in the interest of the community may be to ban pit bulls and anything that looks like a pit bull so they don’t have a financial judgment issued against them.” said the attorney of the resident refusing to get rid of his pit bull.

The ruling from the Maryland Court Of Appeals applies statewide and the first apartment complex to want to get rid of all pit bulls was the Armistead Gardens apartment complex, however this isn’t the only apartment complex willing to do so. While reading through different articles, I read that this only applied to pure bred pit bulls but no such thing exists because a pitty is a type of dog.


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You might have this great idea about the Liberal Party Of Canada, and yeah they might do great things for the country but did you ever consider about what they are doing about the banning of pit bulls? Well they aren’t doing anything about it except enforce it, they support it. In their “Policy Resolutions 2006” They sate: “WHEREAS pit bulls and other canine attacks disfigure and mutilate thousands of Canadians each year;” And ” WHEREAS the safety of Canadians citizens is the responsibility of the canadian government and pit bulls present a direct threat to the safety of Canadians;”  Also ” BE IT RESOLVED that the Peterborough Federal Youth Association and the Liberal Party of Canada should work towards implementing a national pit bull ban  through negotiations with the Province& Territories;” And Lastly: ” BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the Peterborough Federal Liberal Youth Association and the Liberal Party Of Canada should demand a government inquiry into dangerous breeds of dog not limited to the pit bull breeds.

This “Policy Resolution” is ridiculous. Supporting and voting for The Liberal Party Of Canada is like supporting to ban pit bulls. If we let the Liberals run the country the who knows what is going to happen to the pit bulls, they will be banned in the rest of the nation. I know I don’t want them to ban pit bulls because of bad press, and a bad reputation, and mostly because people fear them without giving them a chance. So please think about who you vote for.

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