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I’s heard so many ridiculous things people think about pit bulls but none as ridiculous as this…

One person tried telling me that it was proven that pit bulls are attracted to the smell of blood. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!” was my reply. In what world are dogs attracted to the smell of blood? It is absolutely not proven and definitely not true. Pit bulls are not some crazy out of control monster of a dog that comes running when they smell blood. If stuff like that is going around then what else is? That is now added to the long list of myths about them, I just can’t believe someone would be stupid enough to actually believe that. Pit bulls are like any other dog, and its not possible for a dog to have a “trait” like that, its impossible. 


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October 14, 2011. In Ottawa, a new dog friendly cafe has decideed to ban pit bulls. Outside the cafe there is a sign reading ” No Pit Bulls Allowed”  The owner of the cafe says that in her defensive she believes the liability costs are too high and the terms of her lease say that if she allowed pit bulls then the insurance company would also opt out. Pit bull owners accuse the cafe of being discriminating and should not discriminate against pit bulls who do not have muzzles, says pit bull owner Tammy Perkins. The owner argued that she is only doing this because a lot of companies wouldn’t insure her and that she is following the rules set by her landlord. ” I like pit bulls. There are few dogs that scare me…a lot of companies just would not insure me”. The owner Dunn says.

To me this is discriminatory and a disgrace, even if a pit bull does not have a violent past its still not allowed in. I don’t think this is fair and reasonable, even if Dunn is going by what her terms state, its still not right. She says she likes pit bulls but if you really liked them i don’t think you would stand for something that discriminates against them, I wouldn’t stand for that. Ontario has banned pit bulls since 2005, but some still do exist there only if they are born before the banning date. If the ones that are born before 2005 and still roam around, they have to wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash at all times, even if there is no violent past. More and more uneducated people that think they are helping to reduce dog attacks and killings by banning them. It doesn’t help anything, all they should be worried about is the untrustworthy owners that own them. They are killing innocent dogs because of fear and ignorance, and banning them because they believe all the myths and misconceptions people have about pit bulls, and think its all true (see blog post May 1st for myths and misconceptions).

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This video here is about the breed specific legislation and how it affects so many breeds. I do not support BSL, and never will, its wrong and does not solve any problems. I recommend you should watch this video because it really shows how so many dogs are being banned because of ignorant, narrow minded people that are fearful of these dogs and also have many misconceptions of these breeds. I own a dog that is on the BSL list, Siberian husky, and its most likely that you have one too. Its not a small list, there is even dogs being targeted that aren’t even on the list. Its scary to think that one day someone could come to your house, take your dog, and kill it because its a certain breed that their fearful of. How do you feel about that? Racial profiling is illegal, so why isn’t BSL? Its exactly like racial profiling, except its with different dog breeds. Please don’t support the breed specific legislation.

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Myth number 1: PitBulls are naturally dangerous and may attack at any time.

-False! They are no dangerous than a Golden retriever and aq beagle. And no dog is naturally dangerous.

Myth number 2: PitBulls have lock jaws.

-False!  They have a bone anatomy just like any other dog, however they do possess a lot of power but they are not a superhuman monster that hold immortal capabilities

Myth number 3: A PitBull that attacks other animals will go after people next.

-False!  Animal aggression and human aggression are two completely different things. Pit bulls were once trained to fight and bring down large animals, hence the possession of animal aggression in some pit bulls (or any other breed for that matter!) is not unnatural, and definitely NOT a reason to euthanize the dog.

Myth number 4: PitBulls and children do not belong together.

-False!  They make wonderful companions for children, and families. They also have the ability to handle a lot of rough and tumble play that kids  can dish out.

Myth number 5: PitBulls are great guard dogs.

-No! They make lousy guard dogs, they are naturally too friendly. They would rather lick a robber to death than attack one. However since their very loyal to their owners, they will protect their owners if they feel there is a threat.

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