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Steve Madison, the city councilman thinks Pasadena should be considering a ban on pit bulls within city limits. He says that the breed poses as an inherent threat to the public, being aggressive and powerful sometimes.  Madison said “Time after time, a pit bull chews a kid to death somewhere, and I’m not going to let that happen in Pasadena,” during a meeting of the councils Public Safety Committee, Madison also says “I would have no problem saying ‘Pasadena’s a special place: If you want to live here, come, but don’t bring your pit bull.”

The president of the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA, Steve McNall, says the law would unfairly punish the responsible pit bull owners. “It’s a discrimination issue” McNall says, and told Madison he would refuse to take part of any plan that wants to seize and euthanize contraband dogs. “To take somebody’s personal property, a family member, and kill it? The last time I checked, this is the United States, not Russia.” However, the pit bull ban is currently on pause because California’s law prevents cities from banning a specific breed of dog.


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In Northern Ireland 2010, Lennox was take into custody because he looks similar to a pit bull. Under Northern Ireland’s Dangerous Dog Act, they have the right to euthanize Lennox according to The (UK) Guardian.  Lennox has been kept from his family ever since he was taken away from them back in 2010. Last week, the countries highest court rejected the final appeal for Lennox to be saved and returned to his family. Now the case will have to be appealed on a point of law to protect him. On top of all that, Northern Ireland is making it illegal for people in the country to own a pit bull or anything that looks like a pit bull. The court says its the families responsibility to prove that Lennox is not a pit bull. 

The good news is, there is a chance that Lennox can return home. The judge has to rule that the dog is not a danger to the public, however that is rarely seen in these cases and there have been several witnesses saying that Lennox has shown aggressive behavior. Lennox’s family has been fighting and fighting for there beloved dog, they have even started a petition that has already gotten 15,000 signatures. Sadly, Lennox will be euthanized this month unless the queen or secretary of state steps in. Please help and support the fight to free Lennox! 

Here are some petitions you can sign!:  http://www.petitiononline.com/sl190510/petition.html

Facebook page here: 


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I’ve been asked to do a post on ear cropping and what I think about it, so here it is!

Do I agree with cropping a dogs ear? No, I don’t agree with it. I do however, think its looks good if its for show. But I love pit bulls floppy ears! It suits them much better then if they were cropped. Cropping a pit bulls ears give them that stereotype of a pit bull look which makes people take one look at them and scare them, and i’m all about giving positive press about pit bulls. I think pits look good both ways! I’m not going to judge them if they have cropped ears just because I don’t fully agree with ear cropping. So here are some styles of ear cropping:

The battle crop: This crop is called the “battle crop” because it is cut very low and is usually cut this low either for show or dog fighting.

The short crop: This crop is longer than the battle crop and is usually used for show.

The show crop: This is the most popular and requested for show and overall.

The long crop: The longest crop for pit bulls and it isn’t as popular.

If you are planning or looking into cropping your pit bulls ears then look more into it and find a very experienced vet that has done it many times before. Ear cropping is a very safe procedure if done properly and its very important that you look into the vet!

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McDonald’s you have me absolutely disgusted. As soon as I heard about their new radio ad I had to listen for myself to hear what all the hype was about. “Trying a brand new item isn’t risky, you know whats risky? Petting a stray pit bull”  I am so angry and offended. I just cannot believe these complete IGNORANT and STUPID people! Actually, trying one of your gross chicken bites is 100 times more risky than petting a stray pit bull! McDonald’s is very much insinuating that petting a pit bull is dangerous and not safe. Their telling people and creating this false image of a pit bull and now millions of people have heard this ad and probably most believe it. Because some people think if its said on the radio, it must be true. One company has made this dog look like a monster in one 30 second radio ad…and millions of people have heard it and believe it. McDonald’s should be ashamed of themselves, pit bulls give nothing but love, affection, and loyalty and this is what they get in return? Show McDonald ‘s your disapproval and how disgusted you are by posting a photo with a sign! I’ll be doing one to show McDonald’s how stupid and ignorant they are.

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I get a lot of questions asking if it was true that Pit Bulls could just “snap” out of the blue. So, I decided to write about it!

So, Is it true that Pit Bulls can just “snap?” I hear a lot of people who say that and when i’m researching the internet I come across a lot of the question of Pit bulls snapping. Some people even seem to know what their talking about when they are trying to convince people the cause of their “snapping”. I know that people are convinced that its because of the breed, and that is of course false. I heard that its because they have a small skull and a large brain so, sometimes it causes the nerve’s to send pain throughout their skull, causing them to snap. That is also false! The only way they could just “snap” is if they are: A) Poorly bred  B) They were provoked  C) The owner did not see the warning signs  D) They were going after a small dog- they see as prey, which is a natural instinct  E) Not trained. There is ALWAYS a reason. So  I hope that clears up some misconceptions that you might have heard of have had about them! And keep the questions and requests coming!

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In September 2011, a Pit bull puppy somehow managed to swallow an entire flag pole. He was sent to the vets and they fortunately were able to remove the flag pole without harming the puppy. However, they still don’t know how the puppy managed to ingest an entire garden flag pole without harming itself, they were surprised he survived this incident. “Blue” the Pit bull puppy is now doing just fine and recovering his surgery.

This is the X Ray that was taken.

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