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Animal control officers around the country have told the ASPCA that when they alert the media to a dog attack, the news outlets respond that they have no interest in reporting on the incident unless it involved a pit bull.

This didn’t completely surprise me but what did surprise me was that the news outlets were so upfront about it. I would expect them to be a little more discreet with this because of the unwanted attention they would most likely get from people like me and pit bull owners. I always knew the media was biased around pit bulls, its called “sensationalism.” It’s also partly the police and animal control officer’s fault because they don’t give the full story, they don’t say who the owners were, they don’t say why the pit bull escaped or why wasn’t it  in a secure place. Then at that point, people don’t care to find out the truth, they have already heard enough. Once, there was a Golden Retriever who killed its owner and it made the front page of a news paper, and a pit bull bit someone and it was all over the TV news. The media is adding to the misconceptions about pit bulls and giving them a name they don’t deserve. 



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Fayetteville, N.C

Cumberland county officials are considering placing a ban on adopting out dogs of the bully breed because there have been too many frequent attacks and bites on humans and other animals. The animal control advisory board in the county have discussed the issue on Monday and any policy the want to change will have to be approved by the county board of commissioners. Cumberland animal control director, John Lauby, says he considers it ill-advised. “I have never said I wanted to ban a breed or any specific breed, and the reason is I know from statistics (that) banning breeds doesn’t work,” says Lauby. Lauby would rather do more screening on those who want to adopt pit bulls, rottweilers, and chows. He wants them to go to people who know how to care for them properly and wont use them for breeding or to roam freely. The chairmen of the animal control board, Cristóbal Berry-Cabán, says the shelter does not have enough resources to check up on potential adopters and he also says that they will try and send such breeds to rescue groups, but if no group can then the dogs will have to be put down…

I cant imagine a ban on only adopting bullies, EVERY single dog in a shelter needs a home, including pit bulls and other bullies. That is going way too far, no dog deserves being treated like that. And if they cant find a home or a group that will take them they have to put them down? Mind you, this is for the pit bulls and other bully dogs they are planning this for. Pit bulls are the most unwanted dog and with that said, they need a forever home and to be adopted out. I understand people are concerned about the attacks and what not, but that doesn’t mean the dogs don’t deserve and need a home. I hope this policy doesn’t pass, it is so unfair.

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Dunn, North Carolina. 

Police in Dunn say they have gotten many calls about aggressive pit bulls in the last year. Chief B.P Jones requested a city wide ban on the breed. There has been 44 calls about aggressive pit bulls, but no injuries. “But pit bulls are still a dangerous breed” Jones said. He plans on discussing his ban idea with the city counsel this weekend. ” The owners of the breed don’t take the necessary precautions to protect people from the dogs” Says Jones, he also said: “They treat pit bulls like any other dogs, but the pit bull dog is different from other dogs”

This police officer, Jones, is completely ignorant and uneducated. He thinks that this is a dog that is naturally aggressive and has been like that since they were bred. Which is, of course, untrue. People SHOULD treat pit bulls like any other dog because they are like any other dog! There is nothing different about a pit bull than any other dog. The only thing that’s different about pit bulls than any other dog, is their bad reputation, and the media has done a fantastic job of doing that (cue the sarcasm). Pit bulls shouldn’t be banned, irresponsible owners  should be! It isn’t the dogs fault, its the owners. That goes for poor breeding too, because its the owners who are breeding them that way.” The owners of the breed don’t take the necessary precautions to protect people from the dogs” What are the necessary precautions? That’s what I wanna know. All you need is to train, raise them properly, and provide unconditional love for your pit bull and you won’t run into these problems. Only if Jones would understand and educate himself, maybe he would think twice about a ban. 

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Feb 20, 2012. West Kelowna.

2 pit bulls escaped their owners yard, and according to a witness when the two dogs escaped they grabbed a Shih Tzu off its front porch, dragged it home and killed it. The remains of the dog were left in the neighbors yard. The owner of the two pits has agreed to surrender them to the authorities, and the neighbors have claimed that there have been no previous problems with the two dogs.

I watched the video of the story and they labeled these two dogs as “aggressive” dogs, yes they killed another dog but that does not make them aggressive dogs. I know that may sound silly but its true. These dogs had no bad history or a previous history with the little dog they killed, this incident was an accident and they should not be labeled aggressive. Instinct also plays a crucial role in this (see post January 7, 2012 for more about instinct in dogs) a small dog was left out on the porch and obviously these two pits were bored that’s why they escaped, but they spotted the dog and it was probably just instinct that made them kill the dog, they looked at it as prey. And also, what was this little shih tzu doing unattended in the front porch?! Why would you leave a small dog that could potentially look like prey alone? I would say that its partially the owner of the shih tzu’s fault that it was killed. Two pit bulls are once again being tagged as aggressive for one incident that has so many more parts to it then two dogs that killed another. And the authorative figures should look more into it before deciding any drastic measures.

Officer standing near a yellow tarp where the Shih Tzu’s remains are covered.

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Lancaster, SC.  Feb 1, 2012.

22 year old Micheal Chavis was arrested for using an aggressive Pit Bull to assault a child. On Sunday, the child and some other kids kicked dirt on to Micheal Chavis truck and swore at him during the incident. Police investigating the the incident later said that Chavis then picked the child up and held him over an aggressive Pit Bull chained onto a tree. Chavis is now charged with assault and battery.

Reading this story I couldn’t help but think ANOTHER Pit Bull, aggressive or not, is being used for the wrong reason. Is this what we have resorted to? Using a dog to threaten and scare people? I know some people purchase these dogs to do that but I’ve never heard about someone physically doing so. I do not agree with what Micheal did to the child but this site is all about the Pit Bulls! On that note, I think using a animal as a weapon is just as bad as using a gun. A gun is only dangerous when someone is on the other side of it, and a Pit Bull is only dangerous when the wrong person is on the other side of it. This Pit Bull, well I assume, was already aggressive so the dog looked at the child as something to attack and possibly kill. But I also have to wonder if you held any small child over a dog, aggressive or not and whatever breed, would it still react the same way this Pit did? Any dog could look at a child as prey if its being held over it, because as we all should know, every dog has instinct to chase, attack, and even kill. I would like to know your thoughts on that! Please comment and share!

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Okay, so I was searching for more recent Pit Bull news, and came across a some what story about a school having to lockdown  because of a pit bull roaming around a school on October 4. There isn’t a full story on this so It was hard to gather information to write this post, but i’m going to do the best I can with the least bit of information! The story: ” A Pit Bull forced a lockdown of several schools in long Island Tuesday afternoon. The dog was sighted in North Merrick. When police tried to capture it, it attacked an officer and fled. Students were held inside the Harold Fayette, Old Mill Road and Bellmore-Merrick Central High School.” That is the only information that I have but I found this “story” interested me. When I hear about a lockdown I usually picture someone trying to harm someone or has a weapon, or whatever else causes a lockdown. With the lack of information that I have I was asking myself all these questions like “was this dog causing harm?” “was this dog just wondering around the school property?” I was really interested in knowing what made people close the school! The most likely reason that I thought of was, they were fearful. They wanted to lockdown an entire school and the police came all because one dog was roaming the property. The Pit bull wasn’t even causing trouble or harming anyone, I guess when someone sees a Pit Bull there, their automatically fearful. And i’m thinking this poor dog attacked because it was fearful, could you imagine having the police surround you, I think you would be pretty scared too.  

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