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We always take Sadie to the dog park, its one of our favorite activities. We know almost all the dogs and their owners that go there too, its always fun seeing them and meeting new people and their dogs. Tonight, we went to the dog park and after one lap a couple pulled up and asked us if we have seen these three dogs and their owner. Apparently this one dog, just happened to be pit bull, attacked the couples dog so bad that it was critical care and had to go for surgery as soon as possible. They said the pit attacked their dog, and bit its behind so bad that blood was pouring. The couple was just in shock and was asking around if anyone knew the dog and the owner, she kept telling everyone “yeah, it was a pit bull!” I have a lot of sympathy for her, Sadie was brutally attacked by another dog too, but not to the extent hers was. Its very scary to have your dog in critical care because of another dog. Another couple arrived at the dog park with a pit bull, and I was worried because of the other couple who seemed to be traumatized a pit bulls and I was scared they were going to get in a argument, they finally came across to the other couple and we were already walking around so I could’t hear what they were saying to each other, and they were having a full conversation with each other. I was so interested in what was going on, could they be arguing? Could they be understanding? I had no clue. As we were coming back around they finished their conversation. I was worried because I hate the reputation that pit bulls have been given, and having someone who just had their dog attacked by one doesn’t help. The owner of the dog that was attacked said that the owner of the pit that attacked their dog, he just left after it happened. I was thinking he is careless owner, if he left, and a careless owner means a poorly raised dog, the dog was raised poorly. That’s it. I hope the dog attacked will be okay, and I hope someone finds the owner because the owner is the problem, not the dog. 


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