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I received an email a while ago from this very kind women named Ruby who shared a personal story of  her two pit bulls, Ace and Cash. One day Cash and Ace went off to explore, but they were no where to be found after they had searched for them. A few days later her moms boyfriend, Aces owner found them. They were shot and left on the side of the road by a farm. These dogs had never done anything to anyone, and Cash was only just a puppy. 

This story touched me and I had tears in my eyes after reading it. I decided to make a post about this because I think people need to hear about this and it needs to be out there. Two innocent pit bulls were shot and killed, most likely because they were pit bulls. This is not okay, this is disgusting and makes me lose hope in humans because I don’t understand how people can kill two innocent dogs. I’m glad she personally shared this story with me, it touched my heart. 

Ruby told me that she tries her hardest to clear the pit bulls name and fight for them. She shares the same passion as I do, we both will not stop the pit bulls fight for justice and restoring their reputation. Thank you Ruby for emailing me and sharing your story, I really do appreciate it! And continue to fight for the pit bulls! 

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^^This is a picture of Ruby and Ace


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We always take Sadie to the dog park, its one of our favorite activities. We know almost all the dogs and their owners that go there too, its always fun seeing them and meeting new people and their dogs. Tonight, we went to the dog park and after one lap a couple pulled up and asked us if we have seen these three dogs and their owner. Apparently this one dog, just happened to be pit bull, attacked the couples dog so bad that it was critical care and had to go for surgery as soon as possible. They said the pit attacked their dog, and bit its behind so bad that blood was pouring. The couple was just in shock and was asking around if anyone knew the dog and the owner, she kept telling everyone “yeah, it was a pit bull!” I have a lot of sympathy for her, Sadie was brutally attacked by another dog too, but not to the extent hers was. Its very scary to have your dog in critical care because of another dog. Another couple arrived at the dog park with a pit bull, and I was worried because of the other couple who seemed to be traumatized a pit bulls and I was scared they were going to get in a argument, they finally came across to the other couple and we were already walking around so I could’t hear what they were saying to each other, and they were having a full conversation with each other. I was so interested in what was going on, could they be arguing? Could they be understanding? I had no clue. As we were coming back around they finished their conversation. I was worried because I hate the reputation that pit bulls have been given, and having someone who just had their dog attacked by one doesn’t help. The owner of the dog that was attacked said that the owner of the pit that attacked their dog, he just left after it happened. I was thinking he is careless owner, if he left, and a careless owner means a poorly raised dog, the dog was raised poorly. That’s it. I hope the dog attacked will be okay, and I hope someone finds the owner because the owner is the problem, not the dog. 

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Malden City Council has decided that a meeting will be held to discuss that every pit bull in the city should wear a muzzle out in public. This effort is followed by an attack last year that was on a 10 year old boy by a male pit bull that has escaped from the yard. That same dog previously had bitten another child 3 months before the attack on the 10 year old. The pit bull was euthanized. The city of Lynn requires pit bulls to wear muzzles and they also have separate registration requirements.

Well, another unfair law that’s come to another city. Fear and ignorance is part of the problem and biased media is another part. They think pit bulls are scary? What I find scary is irresponsible owners are allowed to own these dogs. I’m guessing the pit bull that they are basing this new law around was uneuterd and was obviously raised by somebody careless. Why should one breed suffer because of the owners? 

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All pit bulls need respect and love. There are so many that are frowned upon and unloved because of biased media and their breed. So many pit bulls do great things for the world like: search and rescue dogs, “nanny dogs”, and overall great family members. They deserve a little more credit than what they have been given. I think people should give them a chance and see for themselves instead of believing what they hear about them. I never judged a pit bull, I was never a hater before I became a lover. Its not fair to judge based on what you see on the outside or hear before giving it a chance yourself.

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Alright, I guess the title of this post speaks for itself. Whenever I see or hear about a new BSL law being put in, it makes me angry. The senator of District 9, Bernalillo, Sue  Beffort. She is planning to ask the governor to introduce a legislation this January. It will be a “dangerous dog” law and under this “dangerous dog” law Pit Bull will be included and any that share the physical traits of a Pit Bull.

What can YOU do to stop this law?:

Email:  Sue.Beffort@nmlegis.gov

Call: Capitol phone:  (505) 986- 4395 Home:  (505) 292-7116

I WILL be sending a email to say that I oppose this horrible law! If you want to stop this act, then you should call or write and tell them you oppose this law too. One person can make a difference, and if you live in New Mexico and own a Pit Bull and you don’t want your family member to be euthanized because of its breed  then call or email! And even if you don’t live in New Mexico then you should still do it because you will be saving countless Pit Bulls from being killed. Save the breed!

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