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A 10 year old pit bull named Baby, saved Rhonda and her sister, Evelyn Westenberger after their house caught on fire in Lincoln County, Oklahoma on Tuesday morning. Baby went back into the burning house to save 5 other dogs that lived there, she walked out the Westenberger sisters from sleep for them to escape the fire. All the family’s belongings and home were burned but they were so thankful for their loyal dog, Baby. The house caught on fire after a malfunction with the dryer but Baby refused to let her owners sleep after she kept nudging them and barking at them to wake up. There was still 5 other dogs in the burning house and Baby was not prepared to lose anyone to this fire so she faithfully entered her home to save the other dogs.

Evelyn, one of the sisters saved by Baby, suffered a congestive heart failure and was hospitalized after the fire. She was recovering in her hospital bed and was in good spirits knowing that her pit bull, Baby, saved her life. With tears in her eyes, Rhonda said :  “There were flames shooting down the hallway. If Baby hadn’t woken Evelyn up, I don’t think either one of us would have come out of it. It brings my spirit up a lot to see the dogs. I’m so proud of her. She is my hero. She’s the hero for all of us.”



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In Northern Ireland 2010, Lennox was take into custody because he looks similar to a pit bull. Under Northern Ireland’s Dangerous Dog Act, they have the right to euthanize Lennox according to The (UK) Guardian.  Lennox has been kept from his family ever since he was taken away from them back in 2010. Last week, the countries highest court rejected the final appeal for Lennox to be saved and returned to his family. Now the case will have to be appealed on a point of law to protect him. On top of all that, Northern Ireland is making it illegal for people in the country to own a pit bull or anything that looks like a pit bull. The court says its the families responsibility to prove that Lennox is not a pit bull. 

The good news is, there is a chance that Lennox can return home. The judge has to rule that the dog is not a danger to the public, however that is rarely seen in these cases and there have been several witnesses saying that Lennox has shown aggressive behavior. Lennox’s family has been fighting and fighting for there beloved dog, they have even started a petition that has already gotten 15,000 signatures. Sadly, Lennox will be euthanized this month unless the queen or secretary of state steps in. Please help and support the fight to free Lennox! 

Here are some petitions you can sign!:  http://www.petitiononline.com/sl190510/petition.html

Facebook page here: 


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8 year old pit bull named Lily pulled her 54 year old owner to safety from an oncoming train May 3rd. Christine Spain, Lily’s owner, was walking home from her boyfriends house when she then collapsed on to the train tracks. Christine Spain suffered no injuries, however Lily did. Lily fractured her pelvis and lost a leg to save her owner. 

Lily was hit by the train to save her owners life, if that’s not loyalty then what is? This was a touching story that shows a pit bulls loyalty. “My hope is that this story is going to get out and show what pit bulls are truly about.” said Boston Police Officer David Lanteigne. Hes right, hopefully this does show people that pit bulls aren’t these mauling machines that they are portrayed to be. Lily helped Spain decrease her drinking problem and kept her sober, Spain is emotionally scarred from this said her son (Lanteigne). Lily is in critical care and it will cost thousands of dollars for Lily’s physical therapy but good people around the country are raising money for Lily and around $40,000 has already been donated. 

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Great news everyone! Snoopy, the innocent pit bull that was impounded and on death row because of another dogs attack on Snoopy, he is finally released! After thousands of signatures on the petition and thousands likes on the Facebook group, Snoopy is going back home and reunited with his owner! I signed the petition and liked the group on Facebook, and I feel like I have helped save a life. I am so happy for Snoopy, and hopefully the city of Deltona will not make a mistake like that again because no dog and especially no pit bull deserves to be impounded and almost put down because of false information. All the signatures and likes on Facebook has freed Snoopy, everyone who helped should be very proud of themselves because you saved a life! Your going home now Snoopy!

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Alright, I guess the title of this post speaks for itself. Whenever I see or hear about a new BSL law being put in, it makes me angry. The senator of District 9, Bernalillo, Sue  Beffort. She is planning to ask the governor to introduce a legislation this January. It will be a “dangerous dog” law and under this “dangerous dog” law Pit Bull will be included and any that share the physical traits of a Pit Bull.

What can YOU do to stop this law?:

Email:  Sue.Beffort@nmlegis.gov

Call: Capitol phone:  (505) 986- 4395 Home:  (505) 292-7116

I WILL be sending a email to say that I oppose this horrible law! If you want to stop this act, then you should call or write and tell them you oppose this law too. One person can make a difference, and if you live in New Mexico and own a Pit Bull and you don’t want your family member to be euthanized because of its breed  then call or email! And even if you don’t live in New Mexico then you should still do it because you will be saving countless Pit Bulls from being killed. Save the breed!

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