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The month of October is “National Pit bull Awareness Day” and because of that, the League for Animal Protection and the town of Huntington are co-sponsoring a free spay and neuter program for pit bulls and pit mixes. There are veterinarians that have agreed to participate in the program so during October, the owners are able to bring their pits in and have them fixed. There are so many pit bulls in shelters that desperately need a home and by spaying and neutering them, we are able to control the population of pit bulls so we don’t see more in the shelter.


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Fayetteville, N.C

Cumberland county officials are considering placing a ban on adopting out dogs of the bully breed because there have been too many frequent attacks and bites on humans and other animals. The animal control advisory board in the county have discussed the issue on Monday and any policy the want to change will have to be approved by the county board of commissioners. Cumberland animal control director, John Lauby, says he considers it ill-advised. “I have never said I wanted to ban a breed or any specific breed, and the reason is I know from statistics (that) banning breeds doesn’t work,” says Lauby. Lauby would rather do more screening on those who want to adopt pit bulls, rottweilers, and chows. He wants them to go to people who know how to care for them properly and wont use them for breeding or to roam freely. The chairmen of the animal control board, Cristóbal Berry-Cabán, says the shelter does not have enough resources to check up on potential adopters and he also says that they will try and send such breeds to rescue groups, but if no group can then the dogs will have to be put down…

I cant imagine a ban on only adopting bullies, EVERY single dog in a shelter needs a home, including pit bulls and other bullies. That is going way too far, no dog deserves being treated like that. And if they cant find a home or a group that will take them they have to put them down? Mind you, this is for the pit bulls and other bully dogs they are planning this for. Pit bulls are the most unwanted dog and with that said, they need a forever home and to be adopted out. I understand people are concerned about the attacks and what not, but that doesn’t mean the dogs don’t deserve and need a home. I hope this policy doesn’t pass, it is so unfair.

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I cant stress enough how important it is to spay and neuter your pet! During the winter months there are so many cats and dogs that don’t have a nice warm bed to go home to, and one of the reason for that is because people don’t have their animals fixed. When you have an animal that becomes pregnant and has a litter, you expect to find homes for all the puppies or kittens right? And you will probably find homes for all of the little ones, but most of them will just end up on the street once they grow up because they are no longer that cute kitten/puppy that you first got. That ins’t the only reason though. About 70,000 kittens and puppies are born everyday, and many dogs and cats are being euthanized because they are homeless.

Here is WHY you should spay and neuter:

1. It will reduce the chance of your dog or cat getting cancer.

2. Your dog or cat will likely be more affectionate and better behaved.

3. It decreases the homeless animal population.

4. It healthy for them! They will live longer and happier lives.

5. It reduces the number of fights, dog bites, and accidents.

6. They will be less aggressive.

7. You’ll save an animal from being euthanized.

Myths of spaying and neutering:

1. Spaying/ neutering changes their personality.

-That is false! Their personality wont change, but they will be a lot more affectionate and calm.

2. Spaying/neutering makes them lazy.

-This is false! Usually a dog or cat gets fat and lazy because its over fed and lack exercise.

3. My dog or cat should and has the right to experience sex.

-False! For your cat or dog, sex, is just the instinct to reproduce. All it is, is about reproduction to them.

To bring pit bulls into this, of course they should be spayed/ neutered too, but when people see an aggressive pit bull, the aggressiveness is most likely caused by them not being neutered because male pit bulls can become aggressive if they are not neutered, just like any other male dog! So save a life and spay and neuter your pets!

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