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Why do children seem to be the victims of most Pit bull attacks? I read so many news stories everyday about pit bull attacks and a lot of them are small kids being the victims of it. There is a lot of reasons like the dogs were trained to kill, attack, socialized, or not even trained, but also NEVER leave a dog alone with a child, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT BREED. I once read a story about a Pomeranian who killed a child while the owner left the dog alone with the child for just a few minutes. It should be common knowledge that you never leave a child alone with a dog. No matter what breed, shape or size, you just don’t. Pit bulls do make wonderful companions for family’s with children! Pits and children go great together, however please make sure you socialize your pit bull and train and raise it properly because its possible to run into these problems. EVERY dog should be raised and trained, no matter what the breed. I stress this because most people think that only the “tougher” breeds should be trained and sometimes people are careless with training.


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Back in 2007, 5 pit bulls attack hikers in lake Havasu. A hiker was walking her her dog, the 5 dogs were unleashed and walking with their owners, spotted the victims dog and went after it.  “It was a loose group of pit bulls; I wouldn’t call it a pack. It was a group of dogs their owners were walking unleashed just to the northwest when they got away,” Sargent Joe Harrold  said.  The owner of the dog being attacked was injured while she was trying to break it up. What caught my eye about this story is the animal control officer who came to this attack. He said “the attack is not unusual, especially for dogs of this type” and “Some dogs are more naturally aggressive, and they will attack a smaller dog if they are not under control” this didn’t completely shock me but it does at the same time because this is an animal control officer who is supposed to be educated with animals. obviously he isn’t, if he is saying that pit bulls are naturally aggressive and its usual for this breed to attack. The dogs clearly were not socialized with other dogs because that would be the only way they would attack. Its not that i don’t have sympathy for the owner of the dog that was being attacked, i just have a lot more sympathy for the pit bulls, i have a passion for them and will fight for them and their rights. Save The Breed!

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