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Why do children seem to be the victims of most Pit bull attacks? I read so many news stories everyday about pit bull attacks and a lot of them are small kids being the victims of it. There is a lot of reasons like the dogs were trained to kill, attack, socialized, or not even trained, but also NEVER leave a dog alone with a child, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT BREED. I once read a story about a Pomeranian who killed a child while the owner left the dog alone with the child for just a few minutes. It should be common knowledge that you never leave a child alone with a dog. No matter what breed, shape or size, you just don’t. Pit bulls do make wonderful companions for family’s with children! Pits and children go great together, however please make sure you socialize your pit bull and train and raise it properly because its possible to run into these problems. EVERY dog should be raised and trained, no matter what the breed. I stress this because most people think that only the “tougher” breeds should be trained and sometimes people are careless with training.


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Not only do I like to blog about recent stories and other things, I also like sharing personal stories and experiences. Today I was talking to one of my friends about what she did on the weekend, we were talking and then she mentioned about how when she was hanging out with her friends, one of them hit their dog. I wanted her to tell me more about that because that was the only thing was really intrigued in hearing. She said that her friend hit his dog because it needs strict discipline because its a pit bull. Once I heard “pit bull” I was fully interested in what that was all about. She said that he took his dog outside to hit it because it was a pit bull and needed stricter discipline. I was completely sickened when I heard this. Because its a pit bull it needs strict punishment? I couldn’t wrap my head around this.

Does he think pit bulls don’t feel pain? Yeah, they may look tough and there are the myths out there that they don’t feel pain, but really? And people wonder why there are some pit bulls that are aggressive. No body should think “I need to punish my dog more strict then I would any other dog because its a pit bull” That’s just wrong! Why is it different for a pit bull, they are no different than other any dog. So we have to discipline them stricter and harder? To me, that just makes no sense, maybe it does to someone or to the people that have misconceptions about the breed. Education is a must for the Uneducated…

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