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The “Puppy Bowl” on Animal Planet is a yearly program on TV,  that is like the Super Bowl but except football players, they use puppies! The show consists of a number of puppies playing in a model stadium that looks like an actual football field, with commentary on what they’re doing. This years “Puppy Bowl” lineup is featuring two pure bred pit  bulls and four pit bull mixes out of thirty one puppies. However, the Puppy Bowl takes place in Miami and there has been a twenty year ban on pit bulls. Failed efforts to downturn the legislation last year, Miami-Dade is the only county in Florida that has an active pit bull ban. Animal Planet has been doing an amazing job with promoting pit bulls and changing peoples misconceptions about the breed. You can watch The Puppy Bowl this Sunday at 3 p.m. 

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Animal control officers around the country have told the ASPCA that when they alert the media to a dog attack, the news outlets respond that they have no interest in reporting on the incident unless it involved a pit bull.

This didn’t completely surprise me but what did surprise me was that the news outlets were so upfront about it. I would expect them to be a little more discreet with this because of the unwanted attention they would most likely get from people like me and pit bull owners. I always knew the media was biased around pit bulls, its called “sensationalism.” It’s also partly the police and animal control officer’s fault because they don’t give the full story, they don’t say who the owners were, they don’t say why the pit bull escaped or why wasn’t it  in a secure place. Then at that point, people don’t care to find out the truth, they have already heard enough. Once, there was a Golden Retriever who killed its owner and it made the front page of a news paper, and a pit bull bit someone and it was all over the TV news. The media is adding to the misconceptions about pit bulls and giving them a name they don’t deserve. 


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I hate the way that Rottweilers, Doberman, and Pit bulls are portrayed  on commercials, movies, tv shows, and music videos. Except for pit bulls, the Rottweiler and the Doberman make great guard dogs, but is that all that they have to show about them on tv? Is that what people only think their good for? And now unfortunately to television and the media they fear them. People don’t see the good in them, they are extremely loyal, and very loving dogs. I never judge or have judged a dog before getting to know them first, and this is what tv has done to these dogs reputation, people just assume. I know that a Rottweiler can be mean and same as a Doberman, however they are natural watch dogs, but any dog can bite, kill, and attack. It doesn’t matter what breed it is. It pretty much depends on how they are raised, how they are bread, and if they are bread to be natural watch dogs. This doesn’t mean we can go ahead and just assume that these dogs are mean and vicious. And like the pit bull, people are trying to ban them too, which is not right at all. Save these wonderful dogs from extinction!


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