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This has been surfacing the media since Kelly Ripa made many people angry when she commented, calling pit bulls dangerous saying: “But the gangster’s dog is uh, I mean if it’s a gangster it would have to be a dangerous, uh, Pit Bull kind of dog, right?” on her show on October 10th. The star of “The Big Bang Theory” Kaley Cuoco, responded on Twitter saying “Did Kelly Ripa really say “all pits are dangerous” on her show this am? I didn’t see it, just hearing through twitter.. True or false?” A fan then said yes, it was true, then Cuoco tweeted “Completely heart broken and disappointed.” And later tweeted, “I really hope @KellyRipa didn’t say what I think she said this am regarding pit bulls. #Please don’t be true.” Cuoco wasn’t the only one disappointed and tweeting Kelly Ripa, other people were tweeting Ripa, one person tweeted  “Shame on you- encouraging discrimination & stereotyping @KellyRipa! October is pit bull awareness month: GET EDUCATED in this time!” People also tweeted her asking to take back the comment she made about the breed. There is a petition on Change.org asking Kelly to volunteer at a pit bull shelter so she can educate herself and get to know the dogs so hopefully she won’t make anymore ignorant comments. 


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This story really made me upset, and of course the media is presenting this story as a monster dog that’s out of control. I see people on twitter commenting about this story, saying that pit bulls and babies don’t mix. I couldn’t help but respond to these ignorant people. Clearly this dog had no training, or was poorly bred, (the parents passing down a genetic defect to the dog) or lack of socialization. And again, a pit bull isn’t born mean or vicious it all depends on socialization, how they’re bred, or how their raised, and they are absolutely no different than any other dog. I now hear people saying that you should be weary with a pit bull around a toddler, they don’t go out of their way to bite a toddler, they are great with kids and families! Pit bulls do not just “snap” either. People act like their this mutant dog that is different than any other breed, how untrue is that! These are the kinds of stories that are making the pit bulls go extinct.  Save the breed!

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