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From a cute little boy to Tania Torres:

For those of you who don’t know, Tania Torres is the daughter of the owner (Tia Maria Torres) of the largest pit bull rescue center in America, Villalobos Rescue Center, it is home to over 200 hundred pit bulls who need homes! Watch their show “Pit bulls And Parolees” on Animal Planet!


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2 years ago, March 2009 an amazing function and funraiser was held in Las Vegas too help raise money for Villalobos Rescue Center (posted about the rescue May 2nd) Brandon Bond, tattoo artist, derector, pit bull advocate, hosted the event. They featured a silent auction, movie premire, rock concert, and gormet cuisine. The premire of the movie was directed and made by Bradon Bond himself called ” Vicktory To The Underdog: Hell And Back” its a documentry about the misconceptions people have and make about pit bulls, and all the proceeds¬†that were made were donated too help save the pit bulls at Villalobos.¬†They handed Tia Maria Torres ( owner of Villalobos) a check for $25,000 and they are still porcessing donations! Congrats!

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Have you heard of Villalobos Rescue Center? They are the largest Pit Bull rescue center in America, they are a rescue, rehabilitation, placement facility for abused and abandoned Pit Bulls. You might have seen their show called “Pit Bulls And Parolees” this is one of my favorite shows, they hire parolees, the other underdogs. Every body deserves a chance and this is what Villalobos does, they are rooting for the underdogs. Tia Marie Torres runs the center with her two daughters, but her husband AJ started the dream. Bravo guys! if your looking to adopt a Pit Bull you can contact the center by email or phone, they only do visits by appointment. Enjoy!


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