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This video here is about the breed specific legislation and how it affects so many breeds. I do not support BSL, and never will, its wrong and does not solve any problems. I recommend you should watch this video because it really shows how so many dogs are being banned because of ignorant, narrow minded people that are fearful of these dogs and also have many misconceptions of these breeds. I own a dog that is on the BSL list, Siberian husky, and its most likely that you have one too. Its not a small list, there is even dogs being targeted that aren’t even on the list. Its scary to think that one day someone could come to your house, take your dog, and kill it because its a certain breed that their fearful of. How do you feel about that? Racial profiling is illegal, so why isn’t BSL? Its exactly like racial profiling, except its with different dog breeds. Please don’t support the breed specific legislation.


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This coming November 16, 2011 in Dallas, TX, Little Darlings Pinups For Pit bulls is hosting a Pit Bull Awareness Day! Its a burlesque gala and calender release celebration. Pinups For Pit Bulls works to educate the public about the breed ban and discriminatory laws, they are a registered public charity since 2005 . They have worked to reestablish pit bulls reputation. They raise funds by producing an annual pin up calender with images of vintage style women with a pit bull (s) they also sell other merchandise and participate in events nationwide year round. They were awarded first place for “voice to stop illegal dog fighting” in the humanitarian awards presented by American Dog Magazine, congrats guys! The tickets for this events are available now for about $25.00, there will also be a silent auction and give away! If i lived near Dallas TX I would for sure go! I wouldn’t want to miss that. If you live in or live near Dallas make sure you check out this amazing fundraiser!


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5 year old pit bull, Maximus, defended his owners life when the owners brother in law came to collect a loan from Dwayne Wilkey’s (owner) ” There was some altercation between he and his brother in law, Johnson , during the altercation, the suspect pulled out a knife” says Troy Elwell, Aiken County Sheriffs Office. Investigators say that during the fight Maximus, was aware his owner was in danger, unlocked his kennel with his nose and attacked Johnson. Officers say that Johnson was stabbing Maximus repeatedly. “I loved my dog to death. He was my baby”  says Wilkey. Johnson is facing several chrages, including assault with intent to kill and ill treatment of animals. He is being held at the Aiken County Detention Center on $15,000 bond.

To me, this is a touching story of a loyal pit bull. He sensed danger and faced it, unfortunately he died trying. Pit bulls are so loyal to their owners and will protect them if in harms way, this courageous dog died protecting his owner.

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