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On July 24th, an article was published in The Langley Times titled “Dog Rules Discriminate”. In the district of Maple Ridge, staff want to put in a new animal control bylaw that “singles out pit bulls as aggressive” and want to charge owners of pit bulls licensing fees four times as much, but other breeds wouldn’t be charged that much. Pit bulls, any bully or crosses would the charge apply to. The owners would have to pay $200 a year, as an aggressive dog licensing fee, and the dogs are required to wear a muzzle any time they are out. The bylaw is a result of the public reacting to pit bulls and their concerns. 

“The bylaw, as its proposed, discriminates against a certain breed and seems a simple, unfair solution to appease fears that may be unfounded. Basically, it says the district doesn’t want these dogs in Maple Ridge, when really what we want is irresponsible dog owners.”-Maple Ridge News

That quote was taken from the article, and I am happy that someone who isn’t biased, uneducated or ignorant wrote the article because that really does make a difference. 


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When looking for a pit bull there are things you need to look into before you bring the new family member home. Adoption is a great thing to do when your looking for that special companion, and giving them a new forever home however, some people are really set on that beautiful pure bred pit bull that they might not be able to find in a shelter. I do 100% believe in adopting, every animal I have owned I have adopted except for Sadie, we splurged on her. But this is to help those who want to purchase from a breeder.

1st: Look for a highly recommended or a breeder that has had experience with raising and breeding pit bulls. This is important because pit bulls have become poorly bred dogs so you don’t want to but from a breeder who has bred poorly bred dogs.

2nd: When you have found a breeder, start off by asking the breeder questions like “what is in the bloodline?” “do the parents or any of the dogs in the bloodline have a history of being aggressive?” “are these puppies showing any signs of aggression of any kind?” Any of these questions or any question around that are great to ask! Don’t forget to ask about the bloodline, that’s very important because you DO NOT want a poorly bred dog. What I mean by that is some people are careless when breeding pit bulls and don’t look out for that genetic defect that was passed down by their parents or grandparents.

3rd: Ask to see the parents! You want to see how the parents are around you and how they act. If they show any signs of aggressive or territorial behavior then I would find another breeder. You want to make sure the parents are well trained and behaved because they are passing down traits to their puppies. Also, make sure you know that the parents are good with other dogs because you don’t want to have that one dog that is a fear to all other dogs at the dog park.

Following these simple steps will help you finding that well behaved pit bull you love and want!


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Why do children seem to be the victims of most Pit bull attacks? I read so many news stories everyday about pit bull attacks and a lot of them are small kids being the victims of it. There is a lot of reasons like the dogs were trained to kill, attack, socialized, or not even trained, but also NEVER leave a dog alone with a child, IT DOES NOT MATTER WHAT BREED. I once read a story about a Pomeranian who killed a child while the owner left the dog alone with the child for just a few minutes. It should be common knowledge that you never leave a child alone with a dog. No matter what breed, shape or size, you just don’t. Pit bulls do make wonderful companions for family’s with children! Pits and children go great together, however please make sure you socialize your pit bull and train and raise it properly because its possible to run into these problems. EVERY dog should be raised and trained, no matter what the breed. I stress this because most people think that only the “tougher” breeds should be trained and sometimes people are careless with training.

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I get a lot of questions asking if it was true that Pit Bulls could just “snap” out of the blue. So, I decided to write about it!

So, Is it true that Pit Bulls can just “snap?” I hear a lot of people who say that and when i’m researching the internet I come across a lot of the question of Pit bulls snapping. Some people even seem to know what their talking about when they are trying to convince people the cause of their “snapping”. I know that people are convinced that its because of the breed, and that is of course false. I heard that its because they have a small skull and a large brain so, sometimes it causes the nerve’s to send pain throughout their skull, causing them to snap. That is also false! The only way they could just “snap” is if they are: A) Poorly bred  B) They were provoked  C) The owner did not see the warning signs  D) They were going after a small dog- they see as prey, which is a natural instinct  E) Not trained. There is ALWAYS a reason. So  I hope that clears up some misconceptions that you might have heard of have had about them! And keep the questions and requests coming!

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