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Not only do I like to blog about recent stories and other things, I also like sharing personal stories and experiences. Today I was talking to one of my friends about what she did on the weekend, we were talking and then she mentioned about how when she was hanging out with her friends, one of them hit their dog. I wanted her to tell me more about that because that was the only thing was really intrigued in hearing. She said that her friend hit his dog because it needs strict discipline because its a pit bull. Once I heard “pit bull” I was fully interested in what that was all about. She said that he took his dog outside to hit it because it was a pit bull and needed stricter discipline. I was completely sickened when I heard this. Because its a pit bull it needs strict punishment? I couldn’t wrap my head around this.

Does he think pit bulls don’t feel pain? Yeah, they may look tough and there are the myths out there that they don’t feel pain, but really? And people wonder why there are some pit bulls that are aggressive. No body should think “I need to punish my dog more strict then I would any other dog because its a pit bull” That’s just wrong! Why is it different for a pit bull, they are no different than other any dog. So we have to discipline them stricter and harder? To me, that just makes no sense, maybe it does to someone or to the people that have misconceptions about the breed. Education is a must for the Uneducated…


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In September 2011, a Pit bull puppy somehow managed to swallow an entire flag pole. He was sent to the vets and they fortunately were able to remove the flag pole without harming the puppy. However, they still don’t know how the puppy managed to ingest an entire garden flag pole without harming itself, they were surprised he survived this incident. “Blue” the Pit bull puppy is now doing just fine and recovering his surgery.

This is the X Ray that was taken.

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Okay, so I was searching for more recent Pit Bull news, and came across a some what story about a school having to lockdown  because of a pit bull roaming around a school on October 4. There isn’t a full story on this so It was hard to gather information to write this post, but i’m going to do the best I can with the least bit of information! The story: ” A Pit Bull forced a lockdown of several schools in long Island Tuesday afternoon. The dog was sighted in North Merrick. When police tried to capture it, it attacked an officer and fled. Students were held inside the Harold Fayette, Old Mill Road and Bellmore-Merrick Central High School.” That is the only information that I have but I found this “story” interested me. When I hear about a lockdown I usually picture someone trying to harm someone or has a weapon, or whatever else causes a lockdown. With the lack of information that I have I was asking myself all these questions like “was this dog causing harm?” “was this dog just wondering around the school property?” I was really interested in knowing what made people close the school! The most likely reason that I thought of was, they were fearful. They wanted to lockdown an entire school and the police came all because one dog was roaming the property. The Pit bull wasn’t even causing trouble or harming anyone, I guess when someone sees a Pit Bull there, their automatically fearful. And i’m thinking this poor dog attacked because it was fearful, could you imagine having the police surround you, I think you would be pretty scared too.  

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Some pit bulls are now being banned on certain airlines after one incident. On July 22, 2002 a pilot heard some strange noises coming from the cargo hold of the plane. The pilot discovered that various navigational equipment wasn’t functioning, and when they opened the cargo they also discovered a 65 pound pit bull loose in cargo, the dog had broke free out of his crate. This dog was probably bored or stressed more than anything, it could have been any dog! While dogs are on an airplane they can get extremely fearful and stressed out, and any dog can break free of their kennel, it just happened to be a pit bull. To ban pit bulls and only pit bulls from airlines is breed discrimination, just because their pit bulls and after that one little incident that most likely is rare to happen again, they want to start banning them off some airlines? Their already banned in some provinces and city’s and even a cafe! Do they really need to do airlines too? They shouldn’t even be banning them in general. Another good example of breed discrimination, this happens to one dog and people wanna ban thousands.

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You might have this great idea about the Liberal Party Of Canada, and yeah they might do great things for the country but did you ever consider about what they are doing about the banning of pit bulls? Well they aren’t doing anything about it except enforce it, they support it. In their “Policy Resolutions 2006” They sate: “WHEREAS pit bulls and other canine attacks disfigure and mutilate thousands of Canadians each year;” And ” WHEREAS the safety of Canadians citizens is the responsibility of the canadian government and pit bulls present a direct threat to the safety of Canadians;”  Also ” BE IT RESOLVED that the Peterborough Federal Youth Association and the Liberal Party of Canada should work towards implementing a national pit bull ban  through negotiations with the Province& Territories;” And Lastly: ” BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED That the Peterborough Federal Liberal Youth Association and the Liberal Party Of Canada should demand a government inquiry into dangerous breeds of dog not limited to the pit bull breeds.

This “Policy Resolution” is ridiculous. Supporting and voting for The Liberal Party Of Canada is like supporting to ban pit bulls. If we let the Liberals run the country the who knows what is going to happen to the pit bulls, they will be banned in the rest of the nation. I know I don’t want them to ban pit bulls because of bad press, and a bad reputation, and mostly because people fear them without giving them a chance. So please think about who you vote for.

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His Story:

“So I’m walking down the street yesterday and I come to a corner where there’s lots of people waiting for the light to change. And there’s a guy with two pit bulls. The dogs weren’t the biggest ones I’ve seen. They were though, untrained, tugging on the leash.

I got as far away from the dogs as possible, and wondered if the dogs’ owner had any idea of the potential danger he was parading up Columbus Avenue.

I did my first pit bull story about twenty years ago. The victim said she didn’t know what hit her when a neighborhood dog ran onto her porch and proceeded to take a portion of her leg off.

I’ve since heard the pleas of pit bull owners who say the attacks are the fault of bad owners, not the breed.

Still, I can’t help but believe part of the allure of owning a pit bull is the danger. If it’s not, then why bother? The issue has come to a head in dozens of cities across the country. Some towns have outright banned the breed.

You can keep your pit bull. Just keep him away form me.”

I came across this column while looking for more recent news about pit bulls, I couldn’t help but comment and want to blog about this story.  Harry Smith (The co-anchor who wrote this column) is another fearful human scared of nothing really, you see two pit bulls on the street and automatically you have all these things going through your mind like “I have to get out of here now” “don’t make eye contact with them” and “don’t show fear”.  I can understand why people make these assumptions, because of all the bad press, however I also cant help but think why don’t these people just give them a chance? I know if your a writer and co-anchor for a news station that sees and is the first to hear about any dog attack and does the reports on them, to have these misconceptions. He also says “I cant help but believe part of the allure of owning a pit bull is the danger. If  its not, then why bother?” Why bother? Why bother to have a wonderful, gentle, and loyal companion? These dogs make amazing family companions, and are among the most friendly dogs out there. Not everyone is gonna love them as much as me and the others that do as well, but at least try and educate yourself and give pit bulls a chance.

This is the picture Harry Smith posted along with his column, of course he chose a picture where a pit bull is showing its teeth…Actually this dog looks like it yawning more than anything…

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October 14, 2011. In Ottawa, a new dog friendly cafe has decideed to ban pit bulls. Outside the cafe there is a sign reading ” No Pit Bulls Allowed”  The owner of the cafe says that in her defensive she believes the liability costs are too high and the terms of her lease say that if she allowed pit bulls then the insurance company would also opt out. Pit bull owners accuse the cafe of being discriminating and should not discriminate against pit bulls who do not have muzzles, says pit bull owner Tammy Perkins. The owner argued that she is only doing this because a lot of companies wouldn’t insure her and that she is following the rules set by her landlord. ” I like pit bulls. There are few dogs that scare me…a lot of companies just would not insure me”. The owner Dunn says.

To me this is discriminatory and a disgrace, even if a pit bull does not have a violent past its still not allowed in. I don’t think this is fair and reasonable, even if Dunn is going by what her terms state, its still not right. She says she likes pit bulls but if you really liked them i don’t think you would stand for something that discriminates against them, I wouldn’t stand for that. Ontario has banned pit bulls since 2005, but some still do exist there only if they are born before the banning date. If the ones that are born before 2005 and still roam around, they have to wear a muzzle and be kept on a leash at all times, even if there is no violent past. More and more uneducated people that think they are helping to reduce dog attacks and killings by banning them. It doesn’t help anything, all they should be worried about is the untrustworthy owners that own them. They are killing innocent dogs because of fear and ignorance, and banning them because they believe all the myths and misconceptions people have about pit bulls, and think its all true (see blog post May 1st for myths and misconceptions).

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