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1. Never run up to a dog because you could frighten them.

2. Ask an adult or parent, if you can pet the dog.

3. Ask whoever is holding the dog, if you can pet the dog.

4. Once they have allowed for you to pet the dog. Stand beside the dog, put out a fist and allow him to sniff your closed hand. Move slowly and talk softly, sudden movements and loud noises can scare the dog.

5. Pet the dog, starting under the chin and the you can move your hand up on top of his head.

6. Never run away from a dog, because no matter how gentle they are, they will want to chase you. 


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Good news! As of May 22, 2012, Ohio’s law now states that dangerous dogs are now defined on behavior NOT breed. Before, Ohio, as well as Maryland used to state dogs were vicious based on breed and looks. Ohio has been the only state to categorize dogs based on looks and breed. However, some places in Ohio will still continue to ban pit bulls.

Although this is good news, it makes me wonder when they won’t base on breed and behavior, but when they’ll base on humans and ownership. Ohio states that they now define a dangerous dog by behavior, however that behavior is learned and they learn it from their owners. Makes me wonder when humans are going to get it and be punished. For now though, I think that Ohio’s law is better than no law being lifted and changed, its a step to a better future for pit bulls.

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In the world of breed discrimination, there is a lot of places that does not allow pit bulls like some airlines, countries, and even a cafe! However, I had no idea that some apartments didn’t allow pit bulls. It doesn’t surprise me sadly, but it does make me angry. There are tons of people who want to know if there are “pit bull friendly” apartments, and it shouldn’t be like that. I understand apartments not letting ANY animal in but an animal friendly apartment that wont allow pit bulls in, is as wrong as a country banning them. I read that almost every apartment in Austin does not allows pit bulls, its in their policy. More breed discrimination has arrived and it doesn’t help, especially their reputation. If someone has a pit and they can only live in an apartment for the time being, then how can they do so? To do more research, I looked up more about it on the internet, I didn’t find much. There was just a lot of people asking about “pit bull friendly” apartments. I came across a website which was like an online forum for people looking for this and other people could comment and help them. I came across one of the most ignorant comments I have ever seen…

 ‘Sorry Firefighter. I don’t care how well trained and ‘gentle’ you say a pit-bull is, it’s in their blood to potentially be killers. I have personal experience as a neighbor’s pitbull attacked a family member recently. This dog was well trained, loved, gentle, and everything you say…however it snapped, and almost cost a loved-one dearly. 

Please don’t move to McKinney with that dog.”

This person was replying to someone looking for a pit friendly apartment, and I was so sickened by the ignorance and how uneducated this person is, and just how moronic he/she  sounded. That comment does not help anyone, and if someone is going to make those comments which have no relevance to what this person was asking, then don’t say it. 

Its so sad that even apartments (some) don’t allow pit bulls, but that doesn’t stop the fight for me.

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We always take Sadie to the dog park, its one of our favorite activities. We know almost all the dogs and their owners that go there too, its always fun seeing them and meeting new people and their dogs. Tonight, we went to the dog park and after one lap a couple pulled up and asked us if we have seen these three dogs and their owner. Apparently this one dog, just happened to be pit bull, attacked the couples dog so bad that it was critical care and had to go for surgery as soon as possible. They said the pit attacked their dog, and bit its behind so bad that blood was pouring. The couple was just in shock and was asking around if anyone knew the dog and the owner, she kept telling everyone “yeah, it was a pit bull!” I have a lot of sympathy for her, Sadie was brutally attacked by another dog too, but not to the extent hers was. Its very scary to have your dog in critical care because of another dog. Another couple arrived at the dog park with a pit bull, and I was worried because of the other couple who seemed to be traumatized a pit bulls and I was scared they were going to get in a argument, they finally came across to the other couple and we were already walking around so I could’t hear what they were saying to each other, and they were having a full conversation with each other. I was so interested in what was going on, could they be arguing? Could they be understanding? I had no clue. As we were coming back around they finished their conversation. I was worried because I hate the reputation that pit bulls have been given, and having someone who just had their dog attacked by one doesn’t help. The owner of the dog that was attacked said that the owner of the pit that attacked their dog, he just left after it happened. I was thinking he is careless owner, if he left, and a careless owner means a poorly raised dog, the dog was raised poorly. That’s it. I hope the dog attacked will be okay, and I hope someone finds the owner because the owner is the problem, not the dog. 

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8 year old pit bull named Lily pulled her 54 year old owner to safety from an oncoming train May 3rd. Christine Spain, Lily’s owner, was walking home from her boyfriends house when she then collapsed on to the train tracks. Christine Spain suffered no injuries, however Lily did. Lily fractured her pelvis and lost a leg to save her owner. 

Lily was hit by the train to save her owners life, if that’s not loyalty then what is? This was a touching story that shows a pit bulls loyalty. “My hope is that this story is going to get out and show what pit bulls are truly about.” said Boston Police Officer David Lanteigne. Hes right, hopefully this does show people that pit bulls aren’t these mauling machines that they are portrayed to be. Lily helped Spain decrease her drinking problem and kept her sober, Spain is emotionally scarred from this said her son (Lanteigne). Lily is in critical care and it will cost thousands of dollars for Lily’s physical therapy but good people around the country are raising money for Lily and around $40,000 has already been donated. 

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Chris Browns pit bull, Breezy, had 8 puppies at the end of February and is selling them for $1000 a puppy. Brown has a site dedicated to the puppies and getting them good homes. This isn’t a new career move, his dog was not neutered (like most celebrities and their dogs)

Brown should look at spaying and neutering his dogs so he can avoid this happening again. There are thousands of unwanted pits in shelters across the world and if he wants them to get good homes then he shouldn’t be selling them on the internet. He obviously doesn’t care about the care of the dogs or getting them new homes, he just wants to make money off them. There are thousands of thousands of dogs being euthanized every day, and that’s where his puppies could end up. If Chris really understood the breed he would use his own money and put it towards shelters and to bring awareness to the discriminatory legislation against them. Chris is no advocate for the breed, doesn’t understand them and is simply just a user of their image.

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