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Animal control officers around the country have told the ASPCA that when they alert the media to a dog attack, the news outlets respond that they have no interest in reporting on the incident unless it involved a pit bull.

This didn’t completely surprise me but what did surprise me was that the news outlets were so upfront about it. I would expect them to be a little more discreet with this because of the unwanted attention they would most likely get from people like me and pit bull owners. I always knew the media was biased around pit bulls, its called “sensationalism.” It’s also partly the police and animal control officer’s fault because they don’t give the full story, they don’t say who the owners were, they don’t say why the pit bull escaped or why wasn’t it  in a secure place. Then at that point, people don’t care to find out the truth, they have already heard enough. Once, there was a Golden Retriever who killed its owner and it made the front page of a news paper, and a pit bull bit someone and it was all over the TV news. The media is adding to the misconceptions about pit bulls and giving them a name they don’t deserve. 



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Looking for a new story to blog about I always search for top news stories on Google, When I search up “pit bulls” only attacks, bites, and mauling’s, come up. Its never anything positive. But, when I search up Golden Retriever, nothing like attacks come up, just positive things. I even searched up “Golden Retriever attacks” and there was news on that, however the title of the story didn’t indicate it, whereas if I were to search up “pit bull attacks” then all the headlines would indicate it. All I searched up was “pit bulls” and the internet is flooded with news on recent attacks and bites. Its like all that people want to see is bad things about pit bulls to keep this image the media has and keeps creating. I hope one day, I don’t have to see all these negative things, and don’t have to search for the good things.

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I had the privilege to help my sister baby sit a 6 month old pit bull named “Moose” , one of the sweetest dogs ive ever met. He is jet black with white on his stomach and a little white on his face, he got his ears cropped so he had to wear a cone on his head. Taking him for a walk is pleasant but the looks that people give you for walking a pit bull are endless. All they see is the pit bull walking not the 2 girls with it, I had people staring at us in their cars, some have confused, disappointed looks on their face, and some happy to see this beautiful pit bull out for a walk enjoying the outdoors. I thought maybe the people continueously staring at Moose were thinking “wow what a cute dog!” but than I realized that not a lot of society is educated on the breed and also the fact that they were literally staring him down. It makes me angry and sad that people think so harshly and tough on this dog, they don’t even know them or Moose. I just want to remind people that they should never judge a pit bull without getting to know it first, they are the most friendly dog out of all breeds and they shouldnt be treated any different then treating a Golden retriever. Remember that.

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